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American Journal of Distance Education

2016 Volume 30, Number 2

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Self-Regulated Learning and a Sense of Achievement in MOOCs among High School Science and Technology Students

    Lizi Cohen & Noga Magen-Nagar

    This study, conducted in Israel, examined how learning strategies and motivational orientations contributed to high school students' sense of achievement in a massive open online course. The... More

    pp. 68-79

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  2. Interaction of African American Learners Online: An Adult Education Perspective

    Haijun Kang & Yang Yang

    This study examines how various life factors and personal attributes affect African American adult learners' use of the three types of learning interaction-learner-content, learner-instructor, and ... More

    pp. 80-88

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  3. Does Delivery Format Make a Difference in Learning about Global and Cultural Understanding?

    Janita Rawls & Stacy A. Hammons

    This study assessed a learning outcome for nontraditional seniors who were in accelerated degree programs in both online and on-site formats. Using items from the National Survey of Student... More

    pp. 89-97

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  4. Development of an Instrument for Measuring Learner-Teacher Transactional Distance

    Yiannis Giossos, Maria Koutsouba & Ilias Mavroidis

    An instrument was developed to assess the perceived learner-teacher transactional distance in the context of the Hellenic Open University and to provide psychometric evidence of reliability and... More

    pp. 98-108

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  5. Evaluating Characteristics of Top and Bottom Performance: Online versus In-Class

    Richard J. Fendler, Craig Ruff & Milind Shrikhande

    This study compared the characteristics of students who excel (those in the top quarter of their class) and students who merely survive (bottom quarter of class) when attending a course either in... More

    pp. 109-120

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  6. Speaking Personally--with Amin Qazi

    Lawrence Ragan

    This article provides an interview with Amin Quazi, the founding chief executive officer of Unizin, a university-owned consortium focused on the emerging digital teaching and learning ecosystem.... More

    pp. 121-124

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