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American Journal of Distance Education

2015 Volume 29, Number 4

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Online Ph.D. Program Delivery Models and Student Success

    Shari L. Jorissen, James P. Keen & Eric S. Riedel

    The purpose of this study was to provide information to an online university that offers Ph.D. programs in three formats: knowledge area modules (or KAM, a type of faculty-led, self-directed... More

    pp. 232-247

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  2. Audio and Written Comments in an Online Undergraduate Composition Class: Student and Instructor Approaches and Preferences

    Andrew Cavanaugh & Liyan Song

    This study investigated students' and instructors' approaches and preferences to audio and written comments in an online undergraduate composition class. A mixed-method design was employed... More

    pp. 248-259

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  3. The Death of the Large Lecture Hall, the Rise of Peer-to-Peer Course Delivery?

    Peter Navarro

    This article reports the results of a pilot project conducted at the University of California--Irvine (UCI) involving the simultaneous online delivery of a course to both University of California... More

    pp. 260-268

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  4. Examining Electronic Learning Communities through the Communities of Practice Framework

    Jayme N. Linton

    This qualitative interpretive case study used Wenger's (1998) communities of practice (CoP) framework to analyze how the electronic learning community (eLC) process at an established state virtual ... More

    pp. 269-282

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  5. Design and Cognitive Level of Student Dialogue in Secondary School Online Courses

    Keisha Smith Dubuclet, Yiping Lou & Kim MacGregor

    This study investigated the impact of discussion forum design and facilitative strategies on student participation and cognitive levels of student dialogue. A multiple-case study design was used.... More

    pp. 283-296

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