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American Journal of Distance Education

2011 Volume 25, Number 3

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Insights from Research on Distance Education Learners, Learning, and Learner Support

    Richard E. West

    This article, originally published in "Distances et Savoirs" (D & S--7/2009. "A la Croisee des Recherches," p571-584) reviews the key ideas related to increasing student learning and support... More

    pp. 135-151

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  2. The Potential of ICT for a New Educational Paradigm: Toward Generalizing Access to Knowledge

    Turid Trebbi

    This article both analyzes and synthesizes eleven articles from four volumes (eight issues) of the journal "Distances et Savoirs" published between 2003 and 2008. The authors of these articles... More

    pp. 152-161

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  3. Presence over Time in Synchronous Communities of Inquiry

    Constance E. Wanstreet & David S. Stein

    This study investigated the small-group, learner-led discussion process in synchronous discussions. Transcripts from online chats and face-to-face discussions were analyzed within the context of... More

    pp. 162-177

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  4. Student Characteristics that Predict Persistence in Community College Online Courses

    Ivan L. Harrell & Beverly L. Bower

    This study examined the student characteristics of learning style, locus of control, computer experience and access, and online course experience on persistence of community college students in... More

    pp. 178-191

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  5. Speaking Personally--With Harry Keller

    James Shimabukuro

    Harry Keller is president and a founder of Paracomp, Inc., creator and marketer of Smart Science Education. In this interview, Keller talks about himself and what led him to develop Smart Science... More

    pp. 192-200

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