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American Journal of Distance Education

1999 Volume 13, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. I Know My Instructional Technologies: It's These Learners That Perplex Me!

    Mauri Collins

    Discusses the changing role of technical-support personnel in higher education and corporate training as they are asked to serve as corporate trainers and advisors for distance-education programs. ... More

    pp. 8-23

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  2. Methodology for Cost-Benefit Analysis of Web-Based Tele-Learning: Case Study of the Bell Online Institute

    Tammy Whalen & David Wright

    Discusses the need for educators, trainers, and business people to be able to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of Web-based training in order to make informed decisions about the appropriateness of ... More

    pp. 24-44

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  3. Dimensions of Educational Transactions in a Videoconferencing Learning Environment

    Yau-Jane Chen & Fern K. Willits

    Discussion of educational transactions in distance-learning environments focuses on a study that identified the dimensions constituting dialog, structure, and learner autonomy by investigating... More

    pp. 45-59

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  4. Theory and Distance Education: A New Discussion

    Michael Simonson, Charles Schlosser & Dan Hanson

    Discusses the need for theory in the field of distance education, reviews several traditional theoretical approaches, and describes a new theory called Equivalency Theory that incorporates... More

    pp. 60-75

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