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International Journal of Social Education

1990 Volume 5, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Using the Computer to Teach Undergraduates Quantitative Methodology in Historical Research

    James M. Russell

    Describes a course project in which students used computers to analyze census data to learn social history. Outlines the research project from the beginning when students drew samples from the... More

    pp. 11-22

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  2. Teaching Historians to Use Technology: Databases and Computers

    Orville Vernon Burton & Terrence Finnegan

    Contends that the proliferation of historical data has made knowledge of quantitative techniques and computers essential for the historian. Evaluates various database, statistical, and graphing... More

    pp. 23-35

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  3. Computer Networks: Telecommunications, Education, Research, and the Global Classroom

    Michael L. Vasu

    Describes the technical and social dimensions of computer-based telecommunications networks. Provides scenarios for potential use of networks in teaching and research. (DB) More

    pp. 36-45

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  4. From Newsletter to Network: Developing the Telecommunications Project for Classicists

    Jeffrey Buller

    Discusses efforts of the Committee on Computer Activities of the American Philological Association (APA) to develop the telecommunications potential for classical scholars. Outlines plans for the... More

    pp. 46-60

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  5. Access to and Use of Databases in the Social Studies

    Charles S. White

    Examines the use of databases for social studies. Provides a rationale for database use in light of social studies goals, contending that processing large amounts of information is essential for... More

    pp. 61-73

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  6. Interactive Video Technology: Its Status and Future in the Social Sciences

    Allen D. Glenn & Gregory C. Sales

    Discusses interactive video and its applications to social science instruction and social studies education. Contends that interactive video technology, in the form of keypad-controlled videodisc... More

    pp. 74-84

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  7. ERIC Resources on Using Computers to Teach the Social Studies

    Laura Smiddie

    Lists supplementary materials cited in the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) database that can help social studies teachers use computers effectively in the classroom. Provides More

    pp. 85-91

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