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International Journal of Social Education

2005 Volume 19, Number 2

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Number of articles: 6

  1. The Russia Project: Building Digital Bridges and Meeting Adolescent Needs

    Candy Beal, Pru Cuper & Pat Dalton

    The intent of good education is to meet the needs of learners. How educators go about meeting those needs varies from one context to the next, and has lately been affected by the advent of... More

    pp. 1-13

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  2. Living in Our World: A Digital Bridge in Progress

    Jim Clark, Jim Alchediak & Julie Dumont Rabinowitz

    These are the times that try practitioners' educational bottom lines. Thomas Paine, an American revolutionary and pamphleteer of the eighteenth century, found that the revolution through which his ... More

    pp. 20-28

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  3. Expanding Global Awareness: The Use of Student-Developed Multimedia Created in a Cooperative Learning Environment

    Jane D. Steelman, Lisa L. Grable & Ellen S. Vasu

    How can a classroom teacher reconcile the need for students with diverse backgrounds and abilities to master specific learning objectives within a content area with the simultaneous need for them... More

    pp. 41-48

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  4. Education and Economics in West Africa: From Unwritten Languages to the Internet

    Marsha Alibrandi & Prince Hycy Bull

    Global distribution of West African goods--coffee, chocolate, gold, diamonds (and at one time, ivory)--has linked this region to the outside world for centuries, yet its development remains slow.... More

    pp. 51-58

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  5. Process-Oriented Design: Conversational Interfaces for Global Accessibility

    Amanda Robertson

    The ability of the Internet to serve as a bridge to cultural understanding relies in great part on issues related to accessibility. My focus in this article is on accessibility as it relates to... More

    pp. 61-67

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  6. Climbing the Stairs: Pre-Service Social Studies Teachers' Perceptions of Technology Integration

    George B. Lipscomb & Frans H. Doppen

    The setting of this case study was a course within a large university's teacher preparation program entitled "Integrating Technology Into the Social Studies Classroom." Simultaneous with this... More

    pp. 70-82

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