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International Journal of Social Education

2001 Volume 15, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. A Baker's Dozen: Ideas and Resources in Social Studies Teacher Education

    Joseph A. Braun

    Focuses on how teacher educators can promote information literacy in social studies methods courses. Discusses topics searching and researching as a key to information literacy, antidotes for... More

    pp. 12-30

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  2. Collaborative Social Studies Teacher Education across Remote Locations: Students' Experiences and Perceptions

    Cheryl L. Mason

    Explores the use of collaborative education that is defined as "teachers and students in remote locations using technology to interact and learn from one another." Reports on the experience of... More

    pp. 46-61

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  3. Enhancing School-University Collaboration through Technology

    Timothy Keiper, Oddmund Myhre & Paul Pihl

    Focuses on university-school relationships discussing the desirable characteristics that are needed for classroom teachers and teacher educators. Describes three partnerships between preservice and... More

    pp. 62-75

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  4. Trends, Issues, and Gaps in Technology for Elementary Social Studies

    Pat Nickell, Sherry L. Field & Pamela S. Roach

    Addresses the status of technology in elementary social studies. Reviews research on technology and elementary social studies, explores various examples of practice, discusses how preservice social... More

    pp. 76-91

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  5. Use of Computer-Based Instruction in Teaching Middle School Social Studies

    Jonathan Pye & Jason Sullivan

    Examines the use of computer-based software strategies during instruction by Missouri middle school social studies teachers. Finds that 73 percent of the teachers regularly use one or more... More

    pp. 92-104

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