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International Journal of Educational Research

2017 Volume 86, Number 1

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Number of articles: 13

  1. Transgender students in post-compulsory education: A systematic review

    Trish Hafford-Letchfield & Alfonso Pezzella, Department of Mental Health and Social Work, United Kingdom; Laura Cole, Social Care Workforce Unit, United Kingdom; Rebecca Manning, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom

    Students identifying on the transgender spectrum are significantly under-researched and under-reported in the education literature. Long term detrimental effects of gender-identity based... More

    pp. 1-12

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  2. Effects of classroom goal structures on student emotions at school

    Noémie Baudoin & Benoît Galand

    The aim of the current study was to improve our understanding of classroom environment effect on student’s discrete emotions at school. Nine hundred and ten adolescents from 55 classrooms completed... More

    pp. 13-22

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  3. Research protocol: Teacher interventions aimed at engaging students in dialogic mathematics classroom discourse

    Yujing Ni & Gloria Ho, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong; Jinfa Cai, University of Delaware, United States; Alan Cheung, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong; Gaowei Chen, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong; Oi-Lam Ng, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

    pp. 23-35

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  4. Impact of peer coaching strategy on pre-service teachers’ professional development growth in Kuwait

    Amal Alsaleh, Maali Alabdulhadi & Noha Alrwaished, Kuwait University, Kuwait

    This qualitative study investigated how peer coaching in supervision affects Kuwait’s pre-service teachers’ professional growth and how head department supervisors can organizationally support peer... More

    pp. 36-49

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  5. Effects of the cognitive-behavioral You Can Do It! Education program on the resilience of Japanese elementary school students: A preliminary investigation

    Toshie Yamamoto, Osaka University Unit Graduate School of Child Development, Japan; Yuki Matsumoto, School of Human Life Sciences, Japan; Michael E. Bernard, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Australia

    The effect of a mental health promotion program based on cognitive behavioral therapy and social-emotional learning called “You Can Do It! Education” on the resilience of elementary school students... More

    pp. 50-58

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  6. Research protocol: A cluster-randomised study evaluating the effectiveness of a skill-training programme for social work professionals for improving the follow-up of low-income families within Norwegian welfare services

    Ira Malmberg-Heimonen, Anne Grete Tøge, Krisztina Gyüre, Marianne Rugkåsa, Knut Fossestøl, Berit Bergheim & Tone Liodden

    This paper presents a protocol for a cluster-randomised study that evaluates the effectiveness of a skill-training programme for social work professionals with the aim of improving the follow-up of... More

    pp. 59-65

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  7. A meta-analysis of the effect of Peer Instruction on learning gain: Identification of informational and cultural moderators

    Nuri Balta, Almaty Management University, Kazakhstan; Nicolas Michinov, Université Rennes 2, France; Serkan Balyimez, University of Toledo, United States; Mehmet Fatih Ayaz, Diyarbakir University, Turkey

    Peer Instruction is an interactive teaching method to improve learning in higher education. It has been used in a wide range of courses and countries to create interactivity during lectures. The... More

    pp. 66-77

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  8. Protocol: A feasibility study and a pilot cluster randomised controlled trial of the PAX ‘Good Behaviour Game’ in disadvantaged schools

    Joanne O’Keeffe, School of Social Sciences, United Kingdom; Allen Thurston, Zhengzhou University China & Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom; Frank Kee, Centre for Public Health, United Kingdom; Liam O'Hare & Katrina Lloyd, School of Social Sciences, United Kingdom

    This paper presents the research protocol for a pragmatic randomised controlled trial of the PAX ‘Good Behaviour Game’ in disadvantaged schools. The PAX ‘Good Behaviour Game’ (GBG) is an evidence... More

    pp. 78-86

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  9. Protocol: ’On Track’, a group-randomized controlled trial of an early reading intervention

    Kjersti Lundetræ, Oddny Judith Solheim, Knut Schwippert & Per Henning Uppstad, Norwegian Reading Centre, Norway

    This paper presents a research protocol for a group randomized controlled trial of the ‘On Track’ early reading intervention. The ’On Track’ project seeks to reduce the incidence of reading... More

    pp. 87-95

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  10. Attainment Grouping as self-fulfilling prophesy? A mixed methods exploration of self confidence and set level among Year 7 students

    Becky Francis, UCL Institute of Education, United Kingdom; Paul Connolly, Queens University Belfast, United Kingdom; Louise Archer, Jeremy Hodgen & Anna Mazenod, UCL Institute of Education, United Kingdom; David Pepper, King’s College London, United Kingdom; Seaneen Sloan, University College Dublin, United Kingdom; Becky Taylor, Antonina Tereshchenko & Mary-Claire Travers, UCL Institute of Education, United Kingdom

    Within-school segregation of pupils by attainment remains prevalent, despite evidence that these practices detrimentally impact outcomes for those in low attainment groups. This article explores... More

    pp. 96-108

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  11. The interplay between class heterogeneity and teaching quality in primary school

    Jasmin Decristan, University of Wuppertal, Germany; Benjamin Fauth, University of Tübingen, Germany; Mareike Kunter, Gerhard Büttner & Eckhard Klieme, Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany

    Dealing with students of different abilities in class is a topic of major importance in educational research and practice. While a number of strategies have been implemented to reduce class... More

    pp. 109-121

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  12. Study protocol: “Two Teachers”: A randomized controlled trial investigating individual and complementary effects of teacher-student ratio in literacy instruction and professional development for teachers

    Oddny Judith Solheim, Norwegian Reading Centre, Norway; Mari Rege, UiS Business School, Norway; Erin McTigue, Norwegian Reading Centre, Norway

    This paper presents a research protocol for a randomized controlled trial investigating individual and complementary effects of teacher-student ratio and professional development for teachers. We... More

    pp. 122-130

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  13. Children as research participants in educational research using video-stimulated accounts

    Maryanne Theobald

    While children may be positioned as active participants in early years research, few studies have detailed how this is accomplished from a child's perspective. Ethnomethodology and conversation... More

    pp. 131-143

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