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International Journal of Educational Research

2016 Volume 78, Number 1

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Exemplary high school mathematics teachers’ reflections on teaching: A situated cognition perspective on content knowledge

    Kathryn Rhoads & Keith Weber

    This study explored mathematical knowledge needed for teaching by seeking perspectives of exemplary high school mathematics teachers. Participants were 11 teachers in one region of the United... More

    pp. 1-12

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  2. The social ordering of belonging: Children’s perspectives on bullying

    Camilla Forsberg & Robert Thornberg

    In this article we investigate children’s perspectives on bullying, by listening to how they themselves discuss and make sense of how and why bullying emerge and how this can be understood from a... More

    pp. 13-23

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  3. Effects of a non-instructional prosocial intervention program on children’s metacognition skills and quality of life

    Ayumi Umino & Jesper Dammeyer

    This preliminary study aimed to investigate the relationship between a non-instructional prosocial experience (helping others) intervention program and children’s metacognition and quality of life ... More

    pp. 24-31

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  4. Negotiating worlds (yards, shantytowns, ghettos, garrisons): Inequality maintained and the epistemologies of social factors Influencing stratification and education in Jamaica

    Winsome Chunnu

    This article shows how social factors, such as poverty, and the education system have long been on a collision course with class structure in the Jamaica. There have been several studies done on... More

    pp. 32-40

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  5. Learning subjects in school—being outsiders or insiders in the disciplinary discourses of mathematics and Language 1

    Bodil Kleve & Sylvi Penne

    How do students learn two very different subjects? In order to investigate students’ learning in mathematics and Language 1, upper secondary school students were interviewed. Their stories, created... More

    pp. 41-49

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  6. More is more? Evaluation of interventions to foster self-regulated learning in college

    Laura Dörrenbächer & Franziska Perels

    As self-regulated learning (SRL) is crucial for postsecondary academic success, the present study aimed to investigate how to foster this ability most effectively in college. Based on a 2×2×2... More

    pp. 50-65

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