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International Journal of Educational Research

2014 Volume 65, Number 1

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Working memory and sentence recall in children

    Tracy Packiam Alloway, University of North Florida, United States; Faye Ledwon, University of Stirling, United Kingdom

    The present study compared the contributions of phonological memory and semantic knowledge, as well as working memory, in sentence recall in children. A lure intrusion paradigm was used with three ... More

    pp. 1-8

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  2. An exploration of factors influencing institutional cultures of assessment

    Matthew B. Fuller & Susan Troncoso Skidmore

    Theorisation about institutional cultures of assessment in higher education is hindered by an inability to measure the influence of institutional factors on assessment. The authors explore the... More

    pp. 9-21

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  3. Profiles of professional engagement and career development aspirations among USA preservice teachers

    Helen M.G. Watt, Paul W. Richardson & Kari Wilkins

    Future teachers have been found to exhibit different profiles of professional engagement and career development aspirations (PECDA) even at the very outset of their teaching career (Watt &... More

    pp. 23-40

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  4. Striving to connect and striving to learn: Influences of relational and mastery goals for teaching on teacher behaviors and student interest and help seeking

    Ruth Butler & Limor Shibaz

    We extended a new achievement goal approach to teacher motivation to predict that relational strivings to achieve caring relationships with students and mastery strivings to develop competence have... More

    pp. 41-53

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  5. Teacher motivation from a goal content perspective: Beginning teachers’ goals for teaching

    Caroline F. Mansfield, Murdoch University, Australia; Susan Beltman, Curtin University, Australia

    Viewing teacher motivation from a goal content perspective, this paper examines graduating and early career teachers’ professional goals. Responses to an open-ended survey question by 332... More

    pp. 54-64

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  6. Motivation for becoming a teacher and engagement with the profession: Evidence from different contexts

    Marjon Fokkens-Bruinsma & Esther T. Canrinus

    In this study, the assumption that motivation is relevant for preservice teachers’ engagement to the profession is investigated using the Factors Influencing Teaching (FIT) Choice theory. This... More

    pp. 65-74

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  7. Teacher responsibility from the teacher's perspective

    Fani Lauermann

    The present study employed an adaptation of Lenk's six-component model of responsibility to conduct a systematic analysis of teachers’ conceptualizations of professional responsibility. A... More

    pp. 75-89

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  8. Teaching goals of early career university teachers in Germany

    Marold Wosnitza, Kerstin Helker & Lucas Lohbeck, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

    While schoolteacher motivation has become a significant area in educational research, teachers in higher education have been left somewhat disregarded. This exploratory study focuses on early... More

    pp. 90-103

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