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International Journal of Educational Research

2012 Volume 56, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Multiple motivational goals, values, and willingness to cheat

    Ravinder Koul

    The fundamental importance of motives, values and goals to academic behaviour has been noted by many social theorists. This paper reports the results of a survey investigation on the relationship... More

    pp. 1-9

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  2. Can process portfolios affect students’ writing self-efficacy?

    Iolie Nicolaidou

    Can process portfolios that support students in goal setting, reflection, self-evaluation and feedback have a positive impact on students’ writing self-efficacy? This article presents the findings ... More

    pp. 10-22

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  3. What influences the utilisation of educational research by policy-makers and practitioners?: The perspectives of academic educational researchers

    Adrian Cherney, Jenny Povey, Brian Head, Paul Boreham & Michele Ferguson

    In the field of education much has been made of the need for academics to engage more closely with policy-makers and practitioners in the process of knowledge production and research uptake. This... More

    pp. 23-34

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  4. Effects of motivational regulation on effort and achievement: A mediation model

    Malte Schwinger & Joachim Stiensmeier-Pelster

    Since research on self-regulated learning has underemphasized the aspect of motivational regulation, we propose a new conceptual model in this article that aims to explain relevant processes and... More

    pp. 35-47

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  5. Recasts in the L2 classroom: A meta-analytic review

    Paul Chamness Miller & Wei Pan

    In order to examine what we know and understand about the effectiveness of recasts in the second language classroom, this paper presents the results of a meta-analytic review of the current... More

    pp. 48-59

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  6. Developing teachers’ collective learning: Collective learning from success as perceived by three echelons in the school system

    Chen Schechter

    As both researchers and school faculty members explore ways to develop collective learning in schools, this qualitative, topic-oriented study examines teacher leaders’, principals’, and... More

    pp. 60-74

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  7. Imagination in school children's choice of their learning environment: An Australian study

    Derek Bland & Vinathe Sharma-Brymer

    A visual research project addressed school children's concepts of ideal learning environments. Drawings and accompanying narratives were collected from Year 5 and Year 6 children in nine Queensland... More

    pp. 75-88

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