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International Journal of Educational Research

2012 Volume 54, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Indigenous population mobilities and school achievement: International educational research itineraries, issues and implications

    P.A. Danaher

    This paper situates the articles in this special theme issue of the International Journal of Educational Research within the broader global literature regarding the educational experiences and... More

    pp. 1-8

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  2. ‘No-one's really aware of where they are’: A case study of Indigenous student mobilities in Australia's northwest

    Sarah Prout & Mandy Yap

    Indigenous Australians have often been described as highly mobile people, particularly in historical and remote ‘wilderness’ contexts. To date though, very little research has examined the... More

    pp. 9-20

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  3. The characteristics of, and motivations for, Indigenous student mobility: Examples from urban and regional Queensland, Australia

    Fiona Navin, Angela Hill & Tanya Doyle

    Using the notion that research should ‘enlighten’ policy responses, this paper considers the complex locational factors that affect and underlie patterns of Indigenous student mobility in... More

    pp. 21-30

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  4. Indigenous mobility and school attendance in remote Australia: Cause or effect?

    John Taylor

    Despite claims of a negative impact on Indigenous school attendance due to mobility no attempt has been made to estimate the number of school-age Indigenous children away from a home base at any... More

    pp. 31-40

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  5. Indigenous student mobility, performance and achievement: Issues of positioning and traceability

    Tanya Doyle & Sarah Prout

    While population mobility is a fundamental component of the lived experience of many Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, the ways in which educators and education systems... More

    pp. 41-49

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  6. Positive educational responses to Indigenous student mobility

    Angela Hill, Andrea Lynch & Leanne Dalley-Trim

    Engaging positively with the mobility of Indigenous students has been the centre of a 5-year action research project in Queensland, Australia. Drawing on responses developed for other marginalised ... More

    pp. 50-59

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  7. Situating Indigenous student mobility within the global education research agenda

    Sarah Prout & Angela Hill

    In Australia, as in other global contexts, Indigenous student education outcomes are well below those of their non-Indigenous counterparts. A more robust understanding of, and responsiveness to,... More

    pp. 60-68

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