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International Journal of Educational Research

Volume 50, Number 1

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Number of articles: 9

  1. Learning at the boundary: An introduction

    Sanne F. Akkerman & Arthur Bakker

    Most educational research has focused on understanding learning and development within a particular area of expertise or practice. Yet, people increasingly move between different institutionalized ... More

    pp. 1-5

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  2. New teachers’ identity shifts at the boundary of teacher education and initial practice

    Catherine Beauchamp & Lynn Thomas

    As teachers enter the school communities of their initial practice, they experience identity shifts that reflect their learning. Throughout teacher education they have constructed an identity... More

    pp. 6-13

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  3. Productive friction: How conflict in student teaching creates opportunities for learning at the boundary

    Christopher J. Ward, Susan B. Nolen & Ilana S. Horn

    Student teaching is contested ground for teacher candidates’ learning. Struggling to implement practises when expectations of university and schools are inconsistent, they experience conflicts... More

    pp. 14-20

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  4. Learning at boundaries

    S.F. Akkerman

    In the literature on boundaries, it is sometimes falsely assumed that learning naturally evolves from a co-location of diverse practices and perspectives. Empirical studies indicate that this is... More

    pp. 21-25

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  5. Designing for communication at work: A case for technology-enhanced boundary objects

    Arthur Bakker, Phillip Kent, Celia Hoyles & Richard Noss

    In this article we conceptualise the challenges of communication between a mortgage company and its customers in terms of crossing boundaries between communities. Through an ethnographic study we... More

    pp. 26-32

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  6. Building common knowledge at the boundaries between professional practices: Relational agency and relational expertise in systems of distributed expertise

    Anne Edwards

    The article develops an earlier account of relational agency (IJER 2005). Its starting point is a view of practices as knowledge-laden and emotionally freighted sites of purposeful and expert... More

    pp. 33-39

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  7. The shaping of communication across boundaries

    Harry Daniels

    This article will consider the formative effect of boundaries between activities in directing and deflecting the attention of actors who are seeking to develop innovatory practice at these... More

    pp. 40-47

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  8. Expansive learning across workplace boundaries

    Hannele Kerosuo & Hanna Toiviainen

    The article analyses a collaborative effort of learning across workplace boundaries in a regional learning network of South Savo, Finland. The focus is on the Forum of In-house Development in the... More

    pp. 48-54

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  9. Learning at the boundary: A commentary

    David Guile

    pp. 55-61

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