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International Journal of Educational Research

2009 Volume 48, Number 5

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Different systems—Similar challenges? Factors impacting the motivation of German and U.S. teachers to become school leaders

    Dawson R. Hancock & Ulrich Müller

    In the United States and Germany, effective school leadership is pivotal to a school's success. Yet in each country, attracting and retaining qualified school leaders is a formidable challenge.... More

    pp. 299-306

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  2. Evaluation of two interventions to reduce aggressive and antisocial behavior in first and second graders in a resource-poor setting

    Joanne Klevens, José William Martínez, Brenda Le, Carlos Rojas, Adriana Duque & Rafael Tovar

    We conducted a three-arm cluster randomized controlled trial (n=2491) to evaluate a teacher delivered intervention to reduce aggressive and antisocial behavior and increase prosocial behavior in... More

    pp. 307-319

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  3. Child abuse and neglect: Training needs of student teachers

    Bronagh E. McKee & Karola Dillenburger

    Increasing awareness of child abuse and neglect (CAN) raises questions about how well teachers are prepared for their role in child protection. This paper assesses and differentiates training needs... More

    pp. 320-330

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  4. The impact of attending after-school care schemes on science achievement in primary school: A Norwegian study

    Are Turmo, Øystein Guttersrud, Eyvind Elstad & Rolf Vegar Olsen

    Accompanying the rise in the number of working parents is a growing demand for after-school care schemes for children. After-school care schemes, in addition to school, provide pupils with more... More

    pp. 331-341

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  5. From a distance—How Norwegian parents experience their encounters with school

    Unn-Doris Karlsen Bæck

    The study examines how parents experience the interaction with teachers and school; do they feel welcome, do they feel that they can influence what goes on in school? And, are there any differences... More

    pp. 342-351

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  6. Concurrent student-managed discussions in a large class

    Ting Dong, Richard C. Anderson, Tzu-Jung Lin & Xiaoying Wu

    Is it feasible to hold concurrent, small-group, peer-managed discussions in large elementary school classes? We sought an initial answer to this question in a fifth-grade class in Hefei, China. The... More

    pp. 352-367

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