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International Journal of Educational Research

Volume 48, Number 3

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Number of articles: 5

  1. School entry age and reading achievement in the 2006 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)

    Sebastian P. Suggate

    Evidence regarding the effect of early reading instruction on later reading achievement is unusually sparse, given the emphasis often placed on early and intensive reading instruction. Capitalising... More

    pp. 151-161

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  2. Mapping as a tool for understanding the proceedings of an art class

    Pnina Bachar

    This article presents a visual documentation tool for the observation of art classes. The documentation of an art class, like the documentation of any active class, is a complex task that requires ... More

    pp. 162-173

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  3. Coping strategies among internal migrant students in Turkey

    Hulya Kosar Altinyelken

    This article is based on a qualitative study that explored educational challenges and coping mechanisms of internal migrant girls whose families moved from the rural areas in the east to the... More

    pp. 174-183

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  4. An ethnographic study of the friendship patterns of international students in England: An attempt to recreate home through conational interaction

    Lorraine Brown

    This paper reports findings from an ethnographic study into the adjustment experience of a group of postgraduate international students at a university in the South of England. Friendship emerged... More

    pp. 184-193

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  5. Teacher and principal perceptions of student victimization and the schools’ response to violence: The contributions of context on staff congruence

    Susan Stone, Ron Astor & Rami Benbenishty

    Consistency in staff awareness and response is a key programmatic centerpiece in most school violence prevention and intervention programs. Staff consensus on the definition of violence, the... More

    pp. 194-213

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