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International Journal of Educational Research

Volume 48, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Reviews of research on rural schools and their communities in British and Nordic countries: Analytical perspectives and cultural meaning

    Linda Hargreaves, Rune Kvalsund & Maurice Galton

    This introduction presents the case, and sets the scene, for five reviews of research on rural schools and their communities, arguing that educational research in this field is relatively rare, and... More

    pp. 80-88

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  2. Centralized decentralization or decentralized centralization? A review of newer Norwegian research on schools and their communities

    Rune Kvalsund

    In this paper, Norwegian research on the relationship between the school and the local community during the past 30 years is reviewed. The Norwegian context of schooling is briefly described,... More

    pp. 89-99

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  3. The smaller the better? A review of research on small rural schools in Sweden

    Lisbeth Åberg-Bengtsson

    This review of 30 years of research in small rural schools in Sweden includes projects focusing directly upon rural education and rural schools, reports from national agencies, and official... More

    pp. 100-108

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  4. Small rural primary schools in Finland: A pedagogically valuable part of the school network

    Esko Kalaoja & Janne Pietarinen

    This paper reviews research on small rural primary schools in Finland and analyses it under three thematic foci: the relationship between the local rural school and the surrounding community, the... More

    pp. 109-116

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  5. Respect and responsibility: Review of research on small rural schools in England

    Linda M. Hargreaves

    This paper reviews 25 years of research on small rural schools in England, in a period of unprecedented educational reform, and shift in government policy on small schools from persistent threat of... More

    pp. 117-128

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  6. Changes and challenges: Key issues for Scottish rural schools and communities

    Jennie Dowling

    Education in rural Scottish schools has changed rapidly over the past 15 years. These changes include the implementation of national curriculum and assessment guidelines, increased parental... More

    pp. 129-139

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  7. Reviews of research in rural schools and their communities: Analytical perspectives and a new agenda

    Rune Kvalsund & Linda Hargreaves

    This chapter responds to the research questions posed in the introductory chapter on the status and nature of educational research on rural schools and their community relationships. Drawing on the... More

    pp. 140-149

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