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International Journal of Educational Research

Volume 47, Number 5

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  1. An ‘Ethics of resistance’ challenges taken-for-granted ideas in Swedish early childhood education

    Hillevi Lenz Taguchi

    In the present action-research project, three teachers and the researcher engaged in a series of meetings to analyze children's drawings from several different theoretical perspectives, or ... More

    pp. 270-282

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  2. Children's and parents’ perspectives on the purposes of playschool in Iceland

    Johanna Einarsdottir

    Twenty-two 5- and 6-year-old children and their parents in one playschool in Reykjavik participated in this study designed to shed light on children's and parents’ views about their early childhood... More

    pp. 283-291

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  3. The challenges and possibilities of a narrative learning approach in the Finnish early childhood education system

    Pentti Hakkarainen

    Finnish curriculum guidelines for early education emphasise play and creative activities as significant factors in healthy child development. Constructivist theory loosely frames the guidelines,... More

    pp. 292-300

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  4. Identity revealed through talk among young language-minority children in Norwegian classrooms

    Veslemøy Rydland & Vibeke Grøver Aukrust

    The study investigated the ethnic identity development of Turkish-speaking children in Norwegian preschool and first-grade classrooms, examining how they made their ethnicity interactionally... More

    pp. 301-311

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  5. Do anti-immigrant sentiments track into Danish classrooms? Ethnicity, ethnicity salience, and bias in children's peer preferences

    Judith T. Wagner, Lorinda B. Camparo, Vera Tsenkova & James C. Camparo

    Denmark's commitment to childhood characterized by equality, democracy, and social cooperation stands in stark contrast to public discourse about immigrant children, who are sometimes branded with ... More

    pp. 312-322

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