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International Journal of Educational Research

Volume 46, Number 5

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Sociomathematical norms and the regulation of problem solving in classroom microcultures

    Lucie Mottier Lopez & Linda Allal

    The perspective of situated learning offers a theoretical framework for understanding the dialectical relations between the social and the individual dimensions of classroom microculture. The... More

    pp. 252-265

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  2. Unraveling the culture of the mathematics classroom: A video-based study in sixth grade

    Fien Depaepe, Erik De Corte & Lieven Verschaffel

    Changing perspectives on mathematics teaching and learning resulted in a new generation of mathematics textbooks, stressing among others the importance of mathematical reasoning and problem-solving... More

    pp. 266-279

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  3. Addressing the challenge of legitimate international comparisons of classroom practice

    David Clarke, Carmel Mesiti, Catherine O’Keefe, Li Hua Xu, Eva Jablonka, Ida Ah Chee Mok & Yoshinori Shimizu

    In this article, we address the choice of suitable instructional units that might serve as the basis for cross-cultural analyses of classroom practice. Our argument draws on analyses undertaken as ... More

    pp. 280-293

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  4. Teaching for understanding and/or self-regulated learning? A video-based analysis of reform-oriented mathematics instruction in Switzerland

    Christine Pauli, Kurt Reusser & Urs Grob

    In mathematics instruction, can a teacher implement surface features of instruction that foster self-regulated learning as well as achieve quality at the deeper level of instruction, that is, focus... More

    pp. 294-305

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  5. Mathematics teacher typologies or nationally located patterns of behaviour?

    Paul Andrews

    This paper reports on a small-scale EU-funded study of the teaching of mathematics in the age range 10–14 in Flanders, England, Hungary, and Spain. Drawing on video recordings of sequences of... More

    pp. 306-318

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  6. Mathematics classroom cultures: Methodological and theoretical issues

    Fritz C. Staub

    Progress in video technologies and developments in theories of learning have lead to a surge of interest in the role of classroom culture in schooling. The studies presented in this special issue... More

    pp. 319-326

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