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International Journal of Educational Research

Volume 45, Number 4

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Education reform and the global regulation of teachers’ education, development and work: A cross-cultural analysis

    Maria Teresa Tatto

    Current trends toward international accountability and standards adoption is strongly influenced by economic globalization forces as nations attempt to become competitive in the global market and... More

    pp. 231-241

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  2. Changing the context of teachers’ work and professional development: A European perspective

    Marilyn Osborn

    Recent changes in the regulation of education systems in Europe and beyond have led to greater control over the work of teachers and the performance of schools. The paper draws upon the findings of... More

    pp. 242-253

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  3. Moving from resistance to agreement: The case of the Chilean teacher performance evaluation

    Beatrice Avalos & Jenny Assael

    The paper discusses the process whereby a system of teacher evaluation was established in Chile through a lengthy and complicated process of negotiations between the three main institutions... More

    pp. 254-266

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  4. Implementing reform amidst resistance: The regulation of teacher education and work in Mexico

    Maria Teresa Tatto, Sylvia Schmelkes, Maria Del Refugio Guevara & Medardo Tapia

    Influenced by worldwide globalization forces new structures of control have emerged in Mexico at the school level, and career ladders reward teachers’ compliance with testing and training schemes; ... More

    pp. 267-278

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  5. Reform as hybrid model of teaching and teacher development in China

    Lynn W. Paine & Yanping Fang

    Efforts beginning in the 1990s to raise the qualifications and quality of China's teachers have brought about new regulations, standards and systems of accountability. Reflecing broader economic,... More

    pp. 279-289

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  6. Educational reform in Japan and its influence on teachers’ work

    Anne M. Hooghart

    The 2002 restructuring of the national curriculum in all Japanese public elementary and secondary schools includes a reduction and reallocation of instructional hours, and the addition of a new ... More

    pp. 290-301

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  7. Can the global trend toward accountability be reconciled with ideals of teacher empowerment?: Theory and practice in Guinea

    Martial Dembélé & John Schwille

    Between 1994 and 2002, Guinea implemented an ambitious program designed to enable teams of primary school teachers to become full partners in the mobilization of the educational system by... More

    pp. 302-314

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  8. Globalization and educational reform in German teacher education

    Sigrid Blömeke

    For almost 200 years German teacher education has remained relatively stable in its core characteristics. In this paper, the present process of fundamental change is analyzed with regard to... More

    pp. 315-324

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