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International Journal of Educational Research

2005 Volume 43, Number 7

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Hybrid literacy texts and practices in technology-intensive environments

    Paige D. Ware & Mark Warschauer

    US youths’ lives are increasingly divided between the academic requirements of school and immersion in new media and culture outside school. Educators can help bridge in-school and out-of-school... More

    pp. 432-445

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  2. Online discussion in schools: Towards a pedagogical framework

    Kristina Love & Alyson Simpson

    In this paper, we draw on Bernstein's [1996. Pedagogy, symbolic control and identity: Theory, research, critique. London: Taylor and Francis] notion of framing of pedagogical communication to... More

    pp. 446-463

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  3. Patterns of debate in tertiary level asynchronous text-based conferencing

    Caroline Coffin, Clare Painter & Ann Hewings

    Argumentation can be defined at different levels and serve different purposes, but its role in knowledge understanding and construction has given it a central place in education, particularly at... More

    pp. 464-480

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  4. Academic literacies and e-learning: A critical approach to writing in the online university

    Robin Goodfellow

    This paper adopts an academic literacies perspective to argue for a critical approach to the writing practices of the online university classroom. It describes an on-going action research project... More

    pp. 481-494

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  5. Dismay and disappointment: Perspectives of inexperienced adult learners on becoming webpage readers

    Dena Attar

    Practitioners teaching new Internet users often report that adult learners are disappointed by their first experiences of the World Wide Web. This article focuses on problematic experiences of... More

    pp. 495-508

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  6. Addressing research at the intersection of academic literacies and new technology

    Charles Crook

    Academic literacies research has significantly informed educational practice across a range of disciplines. But this influence has largely been through a focus on genres of written language. The... More

    pp. 509-518

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