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International Journal of Educational Research

Volume 43, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Two decades of research on teacher–student relationships in class

    Theo Wubbels & Mieke Brekelmans

    This paper reports on results of research from a 25-year program of studies investigating teacher–student relationships in secondary classrooms. The authors review the research that examines... More

    pp. 6-24

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  2. Students’ perceptions of primary teachers’ interpersonal behavior and of cultural dimensions in the classroom environment

    Darrell Fisher, Bruce Waldrip & Perry den Brok

    Within the domain of learning environments research many studies have investigated students’ perceptions of their teachers’ interpersonal behavior. The present study adds to this line of research... More

    pp. 25-38

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  3. Teacher interpersonal behavior and adolescents’ motivation in mathematics: A comparison of learning disabled, average, and talented students

    Judith M. Lapointe, Frédéric Legault & Seth J. Batiste

    This study examined student perceptions of teacher behavior in three motivational variables (self-efficacy beliefs, intrinsic value, and test anxiety in mathematics) for adolescents enrolled in... More

    pp. 39-54

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  4. Teacher–student relationships across the teaching career

    Mieke Brekelmans, Theo Wubbels & Jan van Tartwijk

    This contribution explores the relation of teacher experience with features of teacher–student relationships. Cross-sectional and longitudinal data were used to investigate this relation. The cross... More

    pp. 55-71

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  5. Teacher–student relationships in multicultural classes: Reviewing the past, preparing the future

    Perry den Brok & Jack Levy

    This contribution reviews research that links students’ and teachers’ ethnic background to students’ perceptions of teacher interpersonal behavior, teacher treatment of individual students, and... More

    pp. 72-88

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  6. Assessing the interpersonal competence of beginning teachers: The quality of the judgement process

    Mirjam Nijveldt, Douwe Beijaard, Mieke Brekelmans, Nico Verloop & Theo Wubbels

    A procedure to assess the interpersonal competence of teachers was developed and validated. The procedure includes the use of the Questionnaire on Teacher Interaction (QTI), an observation... More

    pp. 89-102

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  7. Research on teacher–student relationships and learning environments: Context, retrospect and prospect

    Barry J. Fraser & Herbert J. Walberg

    The program of research on teacher–student relationships described in this issue is an important part of the field of classroom learning environments, although it has its own distinctive and... More

    pp. 103-109

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