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International Journal of Educational Research

Volume 41, Number 7

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Number of articles: 9

  1. Schooling for the future in Asia-Pacific societies: Six cases

    John J. Cogan & Kerry J. Kennedy

    This chapter overviews the schooling for the future (SFF) study in its entirety including both the survey, Phase 1, and the interviews, Phase 2. It develops the historical background of how this... More

    pp. 503-511

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  2. Schooling for the future survey: An overview

    Meesook Kim & Carol Mutch

    The first phase of the Schooling for the Future Project surveyed high-profile educational policy makers and leaders in 11 societies across the Asia-Pacific region. The survey, in the form of a... More

    pp. 512-522

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  3. Striving for balance: Australian perspectives on the future of schooling

    Christine Halse

    Interview participants comprised a purposive, theoretical sample of 10 senior education policy leaders from across Australia. Participants argued that the current bureaucratic organisation of... More

    pp. 523-533

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  4. Directions for the future of schooling in Hong Kong: Vision and reality in a post-colonial society

    Kerry J. Kennedy, Lo Yiu Chun & Gregory P. Fairbrother

    The study reported here used the OECD scenarios on the future of schooling to probe the views of a sample of educators identified as having the potential to influence education policy formation in ... More

    pp. 534-542

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  5. New schools in a new society: Korean perspectives on schooling for the future

    Meesook Kim & Bangran Ryu

    The Phase I survey study of this project indicated that the 24 Korean educational leaders predicted the ‘Extended Market Model’ (Scenario 2) to be the most probable scenario of the future school... More

    pp. 543-552

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  6. Educational policy for dynamic change in New Zealand

    Carol Mutch

    The New Zealand interviews were conducted with seven high profile educational policymakers and the following themes emerged from a thematic analysis of the transcripts: the need to understand the... More

    pp. 553-563

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  7. Schooling for the future in Mexico: Challenges for basic education and human resource development policy

    Ernesto Rangel & Steve Thorpe

    This chapter overviews the reforms taking place in the education sector in Mexico at the present time and how the results of the survey and interview phases of this Schooling for the Future study... More

    pp. 564-573

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  8. Schooling for the future in United States of America: Educational policy at the crossroads

    John J. Cogan

    A purposive sample of 10 senior educational policy leaders was interviewed for this Phase 2 of the study from across the US. Interview participants argued the need for: (1) more clearly defining... More

    pp. 574-583

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  9. The future direction of schooling

    Christine Halse, Kerry Kennedy & John J. Cogan

    This chapter provides a cross-societal discussion of the findings of the Schooling for the future study, the case studies. It examines why senior educators and policy leaders in each of the six... More

    pp. 584-594

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