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International Journal of Educational Research

Volume 37, Number 6

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Introduction: history, politics and identity in East Asia

    Edward Vickers

    The strength of nationalism in East Asia has in recent years attracted a great deal of attention, both among the scholarly community and in the media. However, with the notable exception of Japan, ... More

    pp. 537-544

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  2. Politics and history curriculum reform in post-Mao China

    Alisa Jones

    In post-Mao China, wide-ranging reform programmes have affected almost every sphere of life. History education has been no exception, and in addition to attempts to revise teaching, learning and... More

    pp. 545-566

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  3. Identity issues in Taiwan's history curriculum

    Meihui Liu & Li-Ching Hung

    As a result of Taiwan's peculiar political situation, national identity has become a crucial and controversial issue in the history curriculum. This chapter analyzes the changing role of... More

    pp. 567-586

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  4. The politics of history education in Hong Kong: the case of local history

    Edward Vickers

    History as a school subject in Hong Kong is often assumed to have been a vehicle for ‘colonialist’ indoctrination under the British, and for ‘nationalist’ indoctrination under the post-retrocession... More

    pp. 587-602

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  5. Japanese politics and the history textbook controversy, 1982–2001

    Yoshiko Nozaki

    In recent years, there has been a good deal of media and academic interest in the ways in which Japanese history textbooks represent Japan's wartime past. However, the discussion has tended to... More

    pp. 603-622

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  6. Teaching the history of empire in Japan and England

    Peter Cave

    Japan has often been criticized for allegedly teaching its schoolchildren about the history of Imperial Japan 1895–1945 in selective and misleading ways. Is this criticism justified, and how does... More

    pp. 623-641

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  7. Conclusion: deformed relationships—identity politics and history education in East Asia

    Edward Vickers

    The previous chapters in this special issue have analysed different aspects of the politics of history curriculum development in East Asia. This final chapter draws together some of the themes that... More

    pp. 643-651

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