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International Journal of Educational Research

2002 Volume 37, Number 2

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Competent students, competent teachers?

    Frederick Leung & Kyungmee Park

    In an attempt to investigate East Asian teachers’ competence in mathematics, a small-scale exploratory study conducted in Hong Kong and Korea replicating Ma's study (Knowing and Teaching Elementary... More

    pp. 113-129

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  2. Pre-service preparation of mathematics teachers in the Singapore education system

    Suat Khoh Lim-Teo

    The National Institute of Education is the only teacher education institution in Singapore and all pre-service teachers for the Singapore education system are trained at this one Institution. There... More

    pp. 131-143

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  3. An analysis of teacher education reform in Taiwan since 1994 and its potential impact on the preparation of mathematics teachers at the elementary school level

    Jane-Jane Lo, Chih-cheng Hung & Shiang-tung Liu

    This chapter analyzes the teacher education reform in Taiwan since 1994. A case study of three elementary teacher education programs at two different institutions was conducted to examine the... More

    pp. 145-159

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  4. Using multimedia cases for educating the primary school mathematics teacher educator: a design study

    Maarten Dolk, Jaap den Hertog & Koeno Gravemeijer

    The overarching goal of this chapter is to better understand how multimedia video case studies can support the professionalization of primary-school-mathematics teacher educators. We investigate... More

    pp. 161-178

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  5. Knowing, understanding and exploring the content and formation of curriculum materials: a Chinese approach to empower prospective elementary school teachers pedagogically

    Yeping Li

    This study examined mathematical methods courses as part of pedagogical training provided to prospective Chinese elementary school teachers in their teacher education programs. The results show... More

    pp. 179-193

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  6. The role of a children's mathematical thinking experience in the preparation of prospective elementary school teachers

    Randolph A. Philipp, Eva Thanheiser & Lisa Clement

    Historically, content preparation and pedagogical preparation of teachers in California have been separated. Recently, in integrating these areas, many mathematics methodology instructors have... More

    pp. 195-210

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  7. Understanding, assessing and developing children's mathematical thinking: the power of a one-to-one interview for preservice teachers in providing insights into appropriate pedagogical practices

    Andrea McDonough, Barbara Clarke & Doug M. Clarke

    At Australian Catholic University and Monash University, preservice mathematics teachers are required to conduct and analyse one-to-one mathematics assessment interviews with primary-aged children.... More

    pp. 211-226

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  8. Reflections and recommendations

    Glenda Lappan & Yeping Li

    pp. 227-232

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