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International Journal of Educational Research

Volume 35, Number 5

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Teacher knowledge and the knowledge base of teaching

    Nico Verloop, Jan Van Driel & Paulien Meijer

    In this chapter, the knowledge base of teaching is conceived as all profession-related insights, which are potentially relevant to a teacher's activities. From this perspective, it is argued that... More

    pp. 441-461

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  2. Learning about and learning from expert teachers

    David C. Berliner

    Studies of expertise in teaching have been informative, despite problems. One problem is determining the relative roles of talent vs. deliberate practice in the acquisition of expertise. When... More

    pp. 463-482

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  3. New technologies to support teaching for understanding

    Martha Stone Wiske, Mindy Sick & Susan Wirsig

    In this era of rapid change, educators increasingly recognize that students must learn how to develop and apply knowledge creatively, not simply remember what they have been told. To meet these... More

    pp. 483-501

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  4. The emotional geographies of teachers’ relations with colleagues

    Andy Hargreaves

    This chapter examines the emotional dynamics of teachers’ relations with their colleagues by using the concept and theoretical framework of emotional geographies: one that is original to social... More

    pp. 503-527

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