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International Journal of Educational Research

Volume 33, Number 4

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Number of articles: 8

  1. School transitions: beginning of the end or a new beginning?

    Lorin W Anderson, Jacque Jacobs, Susan Schramm & Fred Splittgerber

    Moving from elementary to middle/junior high school or from middle/junior high to high school is difficult for most students and especially problematic for some. This chapter explores the reasons... More

    pp. 325-339

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  2. Transfer and transition in English schools: reviewing the evidence

    Maurice Galton, Ian Morrison & Tony Pell

    The study of the transfer of pupils from primary to secondary schools in England and Wales has been a continuing pre-occupation of administrators, teachers, and researchers during the past three... More

    pp. 341-363

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  3. Transfer from middle to secondary school: a New Zealand study

    Richard Ward

    Issues related to pupils’ transfer into secondary schools have been well-documented (Brown and Armstrong, in: M.B. Youngman (Ed.), Mid-schooling transfer: Problems and proposals, NFER-Nelson,... More

    pp. 365-374

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  4. Students’ views of environments for learning from the primary to the secondary school

    Pam Pointon

    Research on transfer has alerted us to the anxieties that students experience as they move from a smaller school to a bigger school, and how the sudden differences in space, size, and their own... More

    pp. 375-382

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  5. Transfer to and study at secondary school in Finnish school culture: developing schools on the basis of pupils’ experiences

    Janne Pietarinen

    This chapter is a based on a study that examined, first, Finnish comprehensive school pupils’ transfer to secondary school and, second, the ways in which pupils’ experiences of schooling can... More

    pp. 383-400

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  6. The transition from primary to secondary level in smaller and larger rural schools in Norway: comparing differences in context and social meaning

    Rune Kvalsund

    Research on the transfer of pupils from primary to secondary schools in Norway hardly exists. In this chapter the transfer from the primary to the secondary level is analyzed within the life course... More

    pp. 401-423

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  7. Academic performance, transfer, transition and friendship: listening to the student voice

    Helen Demetriou, Paul Goalen & Jean Rudduck

    Research and practice have tended to focus on the “entrance and exit” years in schools. Transfer (that is, the move from one stage of schooling and from one school to another) has received more... More

    pp. 425-441

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  8. Concluding comments. Transfer and transition: the next steps

    Maurice Galton & Ian Mornson

    The chapters in this edition of the journal provide a set of remarkably coherent findings. The effects of transfer, apart from the question of dips in pupils’ academic progress, have been... More

    pp. 443-449

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