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International Journal of Educational Research

1999 Volume 31, Number 8

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Content Analysis in Educational Research

    Christian Tarnai & Wilfried Bos

    The six chapters of this theme issue provide an overview of empirical content analysis, ranging from classical to computer-assisted content analysis as they relate to educational research. The... More

    pp. 657-734

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  2. Content analysis in empirical social research

    Wilfried Bos & Christian Tarnai

    An overview of the development of empirical content analysis is presented. Its development relevant to educational research from classical to computer-aided content analysis is traced. The history ... More

    pp. 659-671

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  3. Recollection of early gender-specific situations: a cultural comparison between the USA and Austria

    Christiane Spiel, Barbara Löschnig & Joachim Krueger

    Cultural differences in autobiographical memories of early gender-related situations were investigated. Sixty female and 60 male university students (half from Brown University in Providence, Rhode... More

    pp. 673-686

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  4. Content analysis of an object sorting test of cognitive complexity

    Christiane Spiel, Günther Böhm & Alexander von Eye

    Cognitive complexity, defined by the number and the characteristics of dimensions that individuals use when cognitively structuring their world, is often assessed using a paper-pencil version of... More

    pp. 687-698

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  5. University faculty members’ and students perceptions of university academic systems

    Wilfried Bos & Christian Tarnai

    There are no provisions for routine evaluations or rankings of the universities in the Federal Republic of Germany. Consequently, it has become a matter of magazines to carry out inquiries into the... More

    pp. 699-715

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  6. Integrating qualitative and quantitative approaches to the analysis of video data on classroom teaching

    Jennifer K Jacobs, Takako Kawanaka & James W Stigler

    Video data provide a means of integrating quantitative and qualitative approaches to the study of classroom teaching. This chapter begins by discussing the usefulness of integrating quantitative... More

    pp. 717-724

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  7. Management and analysis of large-scale video surveys using the software vPrism ™

    Steffen Knoll & James W. Stigler

    Although video has been used for small, qualitative case studies, it has almost never been used as a medium for large-scale data collection. A major reason has been the practical problems involved ... More

    pp. 725-734

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