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International Journal of Educational Research

Volume 31, Number 6

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Self-regulated learning: where we are today

    Monique Boekaerts

    Self-regulated learning has emerged as an important new construct in education. Our understanding of self-regulated learning has been informed by three schools of thought: (1) research on learning ... More

    pp. 445-457

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  2. The role of motivation in promoting and sustaining self-regulated learning

    Paul R Pintrich

    A general framework is presented to help understand the relationship between motivation and self-regulated learning. According to the framework, self-regulated learning can be facilitated by the... More

    pp. 459-470

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  3. Students’ goals and self-regulation in the classroom

    Marina S. Lemos

    This chapter argues for an understanding of action regulation as inextricably related to the motivational process of goal setting and planning. Within this conceptual framework our research has... More

    pp. 471-485

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  4. Self-regulation, self-Control, and management training transfer

    Hugo M. Kehr, Petra Bles & Lutz von Rosenstiel

    Kuhl (1996, Enzyklopädie der Psychologie, Serie Motivation und Emotion, Bd. 4, Motivation, Volition und Handlung (pp. 665–765). Göttingen: Hogrefe) differentiates between two modes of action... More

    pp. 487-498

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  5. Motivational and cognitive predictors of goal setting and task performance

    Markku Niemivirta

    The purpose of the study was to explore the influence of various motivational and cognitive factors on goal setting and task performance. A slightly unconventional approach was taken by using a... More

    pp. 499-513

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  6. Motivational vulnerability as a challenge for educational interventions

    Marja Vauras, Tiina Rauhanummi, Riitta Kinnunen & Janne Lepola

    The focus of this study was on the question, `Are there differences among young (third grade) students who are poor learners in their metacognitive (in)competence and motivational vulnerability... More

    pp. 515-531

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  7. Self-regulation with respect to informal learning

    Monique Boekaerts & Alexander Minnaert

    This chapter draws attention to the self-regulatory skills that students use in informal learning settings. Formal and informal learning settings are defined as complementary learning environments ... More

    pp. 533-544

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