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International Journal of Educational Research

Volume 29, Number 6

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Validity issues in international assessments

    Richard M. Wolf

    The development of valid measures of educational achievement is always a challenge. The development of valid measures for international assessments poses special problems since curricula can vary... More

    pp. 491-501

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  2. Curriculum sensitive assessment: Content does make a difference

    William H. Schmidt, Pamela M. Jakwerth & Curtis C. McKnight

    This chapter explores the use of rankings and total test scores in large-scale international comparative studies and some of the issues related to them. It examines their value as a basis for... More

    pp. 503-527

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  3. Comparing cross-national student performance on TIMSS using different test items

    Albert E. Beaton

    The question addressed in this chapter is how “fair” the TIMSS tests were to the various participating countries. The Test-Curriculum Matching Analysis (TCMA) method was used to investigate how... More

    pp. 529-542

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  4. Translation effects in international assessments

    Kadriye Ercikan

    Ideally, a single common form of a test would be used for international assessments. However, since the test is administered in different countries, it is necessary to translate the test into the... More

    pp. 543-553

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  5. Sampling issues in international assessments

    P. Foy

    Sampling poses interesting challenges in international comparative assessments. Past studies have been often criticised over sampling matters. Samples may not be representative, significant... More

    pp. 555-568

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  6. A discussion of some methodological issues in international assessments

    Wim J. van der Linden

    Three topics addressed in the previous chapters are identified and discussed from a somewhat different perspective from that of the chapter authors. The topics are: the level of scoring in... More

    pp. 569-577

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