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International Journal of Educational Research

Volume 27, Number 8

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Number of articles: 6

  1. The educational impact of the eugenics movement

    Roy Lowe

    Although there is a growing literature on the Eugenics movement and historians have shown some interest in its impact on educational policy, there has been little attempt by historians to... More

    pp. 647-660

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  2. Childhood and normalcy: classification, numerical regularities, and tabulations

    André Turmel

    This chapter is about the changing status of childhood at the turn of the century. By status, the author means substantially two things. The first is the emergence of the child as a social actor in... More

    pp. 661-672

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  3. Child studies, religion, and science: the life and work of head teacher Jens Olsen

    Ning de Coninck-smith

    Jens Olsen (1840–1911), head principal of the Danish town of Varde was in many ways typical for his time. He was an engaging teacher and school reformer. But he was also a Christian, a believer in ... More

    pp. 673-686

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  4. The heyday of paedology in Belgium (1899–1914): A positivistic dream that did not come true

    Marc Depaepe

    At the beginning of the 20th Century Belgium was said to be a center of the so-called paedological research. Since 1899 Medard Schuyten directed the internationally well known paedological... More

    pp. 687-697

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  5. Intelligence testing: the legitimation of a meritocratic educational science

    Theresa Richardson & Erwin V Johanningmeier

    This chapter addresses the origin, legacy, and persistence of intelligence testing in the United States as a process whereby education was colonized by the field of psychology. The convergence of... More

    pp. 699-714

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  6. Empirical research in progressive education

    Jürgen Oelkers

    While the development of empirical psychology was helpful for research in several fields of schooling, progressive education gained much from the diverse branches of child studies in the late 19th ... More

    pp. 715-722

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