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International Journal of Educational Research

Volume 27, Number 1

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Conceptual coordination: Abstraction without description

    William J. Clancey

    Conceptual coordination is a learning process that relates multiple perceptual-motor modalities (verbal, visual, gestural, etc.) in time. Lower-order categorizations are thus related by sequence... More

    pp. 5-19

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  2. Abstraction: Nature, costs, and benefits

    Graeme S. Halford, William H. Wilson & Steven Phillips

    It is argued that abstract cognitive processes entail the processing of relations, which differ from more primitive cognitive processes in being more accessible, more flexible, and less content... More

    pp. 21-35

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  3. Abstraction and the acquisition of complex ideas

    Stellan Ohlsson & Erno Lehtinen

    The relation between generality and specificity in cognition is poorly understood. The history of science and mathematics shows that generality is not achieved by extracting similarities from... More

    pp. 37-48

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  4. Epistemic games

    David N. Perkins

    This article profiles an important class of generic cognitive structures, “epistemic games.” These are general patterns of characterization (e.g., verbal description, algebraic notation),... More

    pp. 49-61

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  5. Abstract reasoning with mathematical constructs

    Fritz C. Staub & Elsbeth Stern

    Mathematical constructs have a dual role because they can be used as instruments to model real world situations and events, but they can also become an object of reasoning. Mathematics is a... More

    pp. 63-75

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  6. Approaches to abstraction: A commentary

    Andrew Brook

    In this commentary on the five preceding papers, we first try to summarize some of the main claims made in each and sort out the tricky terminology of abstraction. We then pick up two threads for... More

    pp. 77-88

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