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International Journal of Educational Research

Volume 25, Number 6

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Number of articles: 9

  1. Development of exceptional academic talent: International research studies

    James Reed Campbell & Wu-Tien Wu

    This monograph deals with descriptions and evaluations of the Math Olympiad programs in five countries: United States, Taiwan, China, Japan, and Russia. This chapter provides the rationale... More

    pp. 479-484

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  2. Developing cross-national instruments: Using cross-national methods and procedures

    James Reed Campbell

    The first section of this chapter deals with the research questions and the focus of the Olympiad studies. The next section concerns the development of the cross-cultural/cross-national instruments... More

    pp. 485-496

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  3. Early identification of mathematics talent has long-term positive consequences for career contributions

    James Reed Campbell

    This chapter begins with a description of the Olympiad program in the United States and then proceeds to present the results of a retrospective study of the American Math Olympians. The chapter is ... More

    pp. 497-522

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  4. Growing up in Taiwan: The impact of environmental influences on the math olympians

    Wu-Tien Wu

    Thirty-six Math Olympians (34 males and 2 females) served as the subjects in a study that asked two questions: (1) What family and school factors contribute to the development of the math talent of... More

    pp. 523-534

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  5. Nurturing factors that promote mathematics achievement in Mainland China

    Zha Zixiu, Liu Pengzhi & Tao Xiaoyong

    Thirty-five Olympians (33 males and 2 females) and their parents participated in this study. The instruments consisted of Olympians'/Parents' Questionnaires, Self-confidence and attitude attribute ... More

    pp. 535-543

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  6. Achieving mathematical excellence in Japan: Results and implications

    Tomomi Hirano

    This chapter describes how the Math Olympiad program operates in Japan. Mathematics achievement in Japan has been acknowledged around the world. Japan's success in the International Mathematics... More

    pp. 545-551

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  7. The olympiad movement in Russia

    Boris Kukushkin

    This chapter traces the academic Olympiad movement in Russia from its beginning in 1934 to the present. It describes the many changes that have occurred over the years and the proliferation of... More

    pp. 553-562

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  8. Implications of the olympiad studies for the development of mathematical talent in schools

    Rena F. Subotnik, Anthony D. Miserandino & Paula Olszewski-Kubilius

    In this chapter educational implications arising from the data about the Olympiad winners in the U.S., Taiwan and Mainland China (Chapters 3–5) are offered. The discussion addresses two lines of... More

    pp. 563-573

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  9. A cross-cultural analysis of similarities and differences among Math Olympiads in China, Taiwan, and The United States

    Alan R. Shoho

    This chapter explores the cross-cultural similarities and differences of Math Olympians and their families from China, Taiwan, and the United States. Multiple theoretical perspectives are used with... More

    pp. 575-582

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