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International Journal of Educational Research

Volume 25, Number 5

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Goals for further vocational education and training: The view of employees and the view of superiors

    Frank Achtenhagen & Hartmut-A. Oldenbürger

    Empirical studies have been conducted in four large enterprises: a communication industry, an automobile firm, a travel agency, and a regional bank. The main research focus was on the views of... More

    pp. 387-401

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  2. Cognitive task analysis for training

    Richard E. Clark & Fred Estes

    Two factors have made behaviorally based task analysis training systems obsolete: (1) these systems cannot describe the complex knowledge required of European and North American workers by recent... More

    pp. 403-417

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  3. Learning from error and the design of task environments

    Stellan Ohlsson

    Errors constitute a major source of information for the learner while practising an unfamiliar task The main principles of the proposed theory of learning from error are that (1) actions are always... More

    pp. 419-448

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  4. Research into on-the-job training: A state of the art

    J.A. De Jong

    On-the-job training can be defined as the enhancement of job competence acquisition, involving one or more of the following elements: (i) the actual work processes, (ii) the physical work... More

    pp. 449-464

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  5. Corporate training design: Past, present, and future

    Joost Lowyck & Richard E. Clark

    Most recent literature on corporate training reflects a shift in both function and design. The chapters in this special issue contribute to our understanding of several of the most important... More

    pp. 465-471

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