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International Journal of Educational Research

1996 Volume 25, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 9

  1. Information Technology in Educational Management

    Adrie J. Visscher

    The eight chapters of this theme issue deal with the design, implementation, and evaluation of computer-assisted information systems for educational organizations. Points of commonality and... More

    pp. 289-380

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  2. Information technology in educational management as an emerging discipline

    Adrie J. Visscher

    This chapter introduces the application of computerized management information systems in schools and presents a brief history of the dynamic area of Information Technology in Educational... More

    pp. 291-296

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  3. An evaluation of the Hong Kong design and development strategy

    Alex C.W. Fung

    This chapter addresses the complex issues of a district-wide school information system design and development in Hong Kong. The SAMS (School Administration & Management System) is being implemented... More

    pp. 297-306

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  4. Developing a “good” information system for schools: The new Zealand experience

    C.J.Patrick Nolan & Deborah A. Ayres

    The majority of New Zealand schools use computerized information systems even though they are not mandated by government to do so. The MUSAC (Massey University School Administration by Computer)... More

    pp. 307-321

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  5. The implications of how school staff handle information for the usage of school information systems

    Adrie J. Visscher

    This chapter starts with a description of the various ways in which computer-assisted school information systems (SISs) can support school staff. Subsequently, the results of a review of the... More

    pp. 323-334

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  6. Implementing computerised school information systems: Case studies from New Zealand

    C.J.Patrick Nolan, Deborah A. Ayres, Sandy Dunn & David H. McKinnon

    This chapter develops a framework for conceptualizing the implementation of computerized school information systems (SISs). The framework is used to carry out an in-depth examination of the... More

    pp. 335-350

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  7. Training school administrators to use information systems: A review of research

    Connie L. Fulmer

    Much attention and research has been focused on administrator preparation and school information systems as separate topics. However, very little attention has been focused on training school... More

    pp. 351-360

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  8. An assessment of strategies for information system evaluation: Lessons for education

    Phil Wild

    Many evaluation strategies for information technology (IT) systems have been reported. There is general agreement that no single technique can deal with all IT investment projects and that... More

    pp. 361-371

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  9. Conclusion and agenda for item research

    Alex C.W. Fung & Adrie J. Visscher

    This chapter integrates the previous chapters of this issue by presenting a holistic view on the development and implementation of SISs. This is done by discussing the elements of this innovation... More

    pp. 373-380

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