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International Journal of Educational Research

Volume 23, Number 7

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  1. Student affective reactions and the teaching and learning of foreign languages

    Elaine K. Horwitz

    This chapter argues for the recognition of the importance of student affective reactions in discussions of second language learning and teaching. It is argued that language learning is a... More

    pp. 573-579

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  2. When emotion meets (meta)cognition in language learning histories

    Rebecca L. Oxford

    This chapter offers a view of the cognitive and affective aspects of language learning through students' introspective narratives about their learning histories. These narratives reflect “situated ... More

    pp. 581-594

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  3. Teaching and testing culture: Old questions, new dimensions

    Zena T. Moore

    This chapter deals with the teaching and testing of culture in the foreign/second language classroom. An overview of three decades of discussions on the inclusion of culture in language teaching is... More

    pp. 595-606

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  4. Multiple intelligences, multiculturalism, and the teaching of culture

    Lori Diaz & Audrey L. Heining-Boynton

    This chapter proposes new ways to teach culture in second language classrooms. By appealing to students' multiple intelligences in a multicultural setting, students will learn more about their own ... More

    pp. 607-617

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  5. Second language learning in the zone of proximal development: A revolutionary experience

    James P. Lantolf & Ali Aljaafreh

    In this paper we provide empirical support from L2 learning for Vygotsky's claim that development and performance in mental systems is not a smooth linear process, but simultaneously entails... More

    pp. 619-632

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  6. Evaluating less commonly taught language programs: A semiotic case

    Susan A. Tucker

    Prompted by the Foreign Language Assistance Act of 1991, the number of less commonly taught language (LCTL) programs has increased dramatically. In spite of this growth, systematic evaluation... More

    pp. 633-648

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  7. Implications of research for second language learning and teaching

    Aleidine K. Moeller

    pp. 649-652

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