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International Journal of Educational Research

Volume 23, Number 6

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Number of articles: 7

  1. State educational performance reporting policies in the U.S.: Accountability's many faces

    James G. Cibulka & Roberta L. Derlin

    The purpose of this study was to examine continuity and change in state-level performance reporting (PR) policies in the United States, particularly their relationship to education reform. The... More

    pp. 479-492

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  2. Accountability, resource allocation and the production of educational outcomes

    David H. Monk & Christopher F. Roellke

    In this chapter, the authors propose and evaluate an accountability system based on indicators that combine elements of both inputs and outcomes. The authors stress the importance of ensuring that ... More

    pp. 493-503

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  3. Systemic reform or new wine in an old bottle: Generating accountability through Ontario's New Foundations in Education reforms

    Hanne B. Mawhinney

    The purpose of this chapter is to contribute to greater understanding of the relationship between new accountability projects in education and the broader purposes and processes of school... More

    pp. 505-518

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  4. Education accountability in Hong Kong: Lessons from the school management initiative

    Kam-Cheung Wong

    In March, 1991, the Hong Kong Government launched a scheme entitled the School Management Initiative. As suggested by the sub-title, “Setting the Framework for Quality in Hong Kong Schools,” the... More

    pp. 519-529

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  5. Assessment of accountability systems in Malaysian education

    Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid

    This chapter examines the sources of ideas of accountability and provides the conceptual framework for an understanding of accountability systems in the Malaysian education milieu. The educational ... More

    pp. 531-544

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  6. Educative accountability policy research and epistemological implications

    R.J.S. ‘Mac’ Macpherson

    This chapter summarises the background, methodology and the findings of a three-phase policy research project commissioned by the Department of Education and the Arts, Tasmania.11The project was... More

    pp. 545-560

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  7. Struggling for the soul of education: Towards accountability policy research

    R.J.S. ‘Mac’ Macpherson

    This chapter summarises the findings of the chapters above and derives research questions. It identifies potential domains of future policy research in accountability. Since beliefs about what... More

    pp. 561-567

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