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International Journal of Educational Research

Volume 23, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 8

  1. Chapter 1 The origins and content of the report

    Kenneth N. Ross & T.Neville Postlethwaite

    pp. 309-311

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  2. Chapter 2 The data used to prepare the report

    T.Neville Postlethwaite & Kenneth N. Ross

    pp. 313-319

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  3. Chapter 3 What are the baseline data for the selected educational inputs to primary schools in Zimbabwe?

    Roger Mtembo, Dhurumbeer Kulpoo & Daphne Dlamini

    pp. 321-329

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  4. Chapter 4 How do the conditions of schooling in Zimbabwe compare with the ministry's benchmark standards?

    Patrick Pfukani, Sebtuu Modh'd Nassor & Karabo Marite

    pp. 331-341

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  5. Chapter 5 Have educational inputs to primary schools in Zimbabwe been allocated in an equitable fashion?

    George Moyo, Joseph Chimombo & John Kalokoni

    pp. 343-351

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  6. Chapter 6 What are the levels of reading achievement for grade 6 pupils in Zimbabwe?

    Thomas Machingaidze, Elphas Dlamini & Mamello Mphaka

    pp. 353-359

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  7. Chapter 7 Which educational inputs to primary schools in Zimbabwe have most impact on the reading achievement of pupils?

    Saul Murimba, Manasseh Nkamba & Christopher Busang

    pp. 361-371

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  8. Chapter 8 An agenda for action

    Kenneth N. Ross, Patrick Pfukani, George Moyo & Saul Murimba

    pp. 373-383

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