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CALICO Journal

January 2012 Volume 29, Number 2

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Number of articles: 8

  1. L2 Learners' Engagement with High Stakes Listening Tests: Does Technology Have a Beneficial Role to Play?

    Martin East & Chris King

    In the listening component of the IELTS examination candidates hear the input once, delivered at "normal" speed. This format for listening can be problematic for test takers who often perceive... More

    pp. 208-223

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  2. Wikis for Building Content Knowledge in the Foreign Language Classroom

    Stephanie H. Pellet

    Most pedagogical applications of wikis in foreign language education draw on this collaborative tool to improve (formal) writing skills or to develop target language cultural sensitivity, missing... More

    pp. 224-248

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  3. Wiki and Digital Video Use in Strategic Interaction-Based Experiential EFL Learning

    Jonathan Dehaan, Neil H. Johnson, Noriko Yoshimura & Takako Kondo

    This paper details the use of a free and access-controlled wiki as the learning management system for a four-week teaching module designed to improve the oral communication skills of Japanese... More

    pp. 249-268

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  4. An Investigation into Reported Differences between Online Foreign Language Instruction and Other Subject Areas in a Virtual School

    Kevin Oliver, Shaun Kellogg & Ruchi Patel

    High school students participating in online courses offered by the North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS) completed end-of-course surveys in spring 2009. When the responses of 559 foreign... More

    pp. 269-296

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  5. Students' Readiness for and Attitudes toward Hybrid FL Instruction

    Senta Goertler, Magelone Bollen & Joel Gaff

    Due to increases in enrollment, hybrid course delivery models, in which part of the instruction happens online, have become a popular solution to financial and space problems. Yet, little is known ... More

    pp. 297-320

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  6. Assessing Aptitude and Attitude Development in a Translation Skills Course

    Mohamed Amin A. Mekheimer

    This study investigates the effects on EFL students of using Blackboard technology and online dictionaries in developing translating skills and building positive attitudes towards translation in... More

    pp. 321-340

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  7. Technology for French Learning: A Mismatch between Expectations and Reality

    Aliye Karabulut, Kimberly Levelle, Jinrong Li & Ruslan Suvorov

    The qualitative study reported in this article explored the use of technology for language learning in a third-year French class at a public university in the Midwest of the USA. To address the... More

    pp. 341-366

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  8. An Activity Theory Exegesis on Conflict and Contradictions in Networked Discussions and Feedback Exchanges

    Stella K. Hadjistassou

    The goal of this study was to investigate the culturally afforded contradictions that ten advanced English as a Second Language (ESL) learner encountered when they posted their paper topics and... More

    pp. 367-388

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