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CALICO Journal

2003 Volume 20, Number 2

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Proving IT Works

    Jack Burston

    Focuses on the assessment of the effects of instructional technology (IT) on the foreign language curriculum. Offers a general overview of the evaluation of IT and seeks to provide a clearer... More

    pp. 219-26

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  2. Bug Diagnosis by String Matching: Application to ILTS for Translation

    Liang Chen & Naoyuki Tokuda

    Discusses a new template-automaton-based knowledge database system for an interactive intelligent language tutoring system (ILTS) for Japanese-English translation, whereby model translations as... More

    pp. 227-44

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  3. Flaming in CMC: Prometheus' Fire or Inferno's?

    Zsuzsanna Ittzes Abrams

    Reports on a descriptive study with 75 intermediate college learners of German participating in two sessions of synchronous computer mediated communication during the course of a semester that... More

    pp. 245-60

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  4. Exploring ESL Learners' Use of Hypermedia Reading Glosses

    Gulcan Ercetin

    Explores the types of annotations intermediate and advanced English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) learners preferred to use while they were engaged in reading a hypermedia text. Also investigated... More

    pp. 261-83

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  5. Measuring Student Learning in an Online French Course

    N Ann Chenoweth & Kimmaree Murday

    Reports results of the assessment of Elementary French 1 Online, the first course to be offered under the Language Online Project at Carnegie Mellon University. The purpose of the assessment was to... More

    pp. 285-314

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  6. Learning French Pronunciation: Audiocassettes or Multimedia?

    Alysse Weinberg & Helene Knoerr

    Describes a two phase experiment that was conducted at the university of Ottawa using audiocassettes and multimedia while teaching French, specifically French phonetics, intonation, and... More

    pp. 315-36

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  7. The Incidental Development of L2 Proficiency in NS-NNS Email Interactions

    Glenn Stockwell & Michael Harrington

    Research suggests electronic mail can be a powerful motivator for authentic second language (L2) interaction, but little is known about the efficacy of this medium in the development of target... More

    pp. 337-59

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