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CALICO Journal

1999 Volume 17, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Nuevos Destinos: A CD-ROM for Advanced Beginning Spanish

    Robert J. Blake

    Provides a description of the Nuevos Destinos CD-ROM, a joint production for students learning Spanish at the advanced-beginning, intermediate-low, or native-speaker level. Nuevos Destinos involves... More

    pp. 9-24

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  2. The Kontakte Multimedia Project at the University of Iowa

    James P. Pusack

    Describes the design and implementation of a CD-ROM-based German exercise package for commercial distribution and a listening and culture package using interactive multimedia based on authentic... More

    pp. 25-42

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  3. Web Course Design and Creation for Language Learning

    Robert Godwin-Jones

    Discusses issues involved in creation and use of course Web sites for language learning. Examples are drawn from a German course taught at Virginia Commonwealth University. Course Web sites created... More

    pp. 43-58

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  4. The Libra Multimedia Authoring Environment and CALL Multimedia Courseware

    Robert Fischer & Michael Farris

    Describes the genesis of the Libra authoring system and provides a detailed view of the design of a courseware program created by means of it. Lessons learned during the dissemination of the... More

    pp. 59-82

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  5. Building the Portes ouvertes CD-ROM

    Christopher M. Jones & Judith Frommer

    Describes the development of the "Portes ouvertes" CD-ROM, which was produced as an integrated part of a first-year method for elementary French. Details the design and production of the CD-ROM... More

    pp. 83-99

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  6. Murder on the Internet

    Terri Nelson & Walter Oliver

    Describes the design and testing process that resulted in the production of "Un Meurtre a Cinet" and "Un Misterio en Toluca," two role-playing applications that ask students of French and Spanish... More

    pp. 101-14

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  7. SuperMacLang: Development of an Authoring System

    Judith Frommer & Otmar K. E. Foelsche

    Describes the development of "SuperMacLang, the 1990s version of the MacLang authoring system. An analysis of various features of the program explains the ways in which certain aspects of... More

    pp. 115-41

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