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CALICO Journal

1994 Volume 12, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Errors in the Compositions of Second-Year German Students: An Empirical Study for Parser-Based ICALI

    Vilius Juozulynas

    Presents an analysis of errors in a 400-page corpus of German essays by American college students in second-year language courses showing that syntax is the most problematic area, followed by... More

    pp. 5-17

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  2. Improved Delivery of Lexical Information in a Computer Assisted Reading Program

    Hiroshi Nara

    Reports on a development in interactive Japanese at a new facility where lexicographical information can be viewed with full contextual information. This information is available for any word in... More

    pp. 19-36

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  3. Testing Computer Assisted Language Testing: Towards a Checklist for CALT

    Jose Noijons

    Defines computer assisted language testing (CALT), discusses the various processes involved, outlines the advantages and disadvantages, and examines psychometric aspects of computer testing. A... More

    pp. 37-58

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  4. Minutes of the Second International Technologies and Language Learning Conference

    Georges Meuret

    Discusses a conference centering around the added value of technologies in language learning. Topics include the necessity of networks, added value analysis for "a priori" specification and "a... More

    pp. 59-64

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  5. SuperMemo; XIA LI BA REN (Macintosh Version 1.0)

    Charlotte Wharton & Dana S. Bourgerie

    Describes "SuperMemo," a memorization tool that uses an automated flashcard scheme that can include sound and graphics in the database of study items. Based on the learner's performance, "SuperMemo... More

    pp. 66-75

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