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CALICO Journal

1992 Volume 10, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Generalized Transition Network Parsing for Language Study: The GPARS System for English, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese

    Donald Loritz

    GPARS is a generalized transition network system designed for language study by both students and researchers. It generalizes the Augmented Transition Network formalism by allowing top-down, bottom... More

    pp. 5-22

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  2. Can Grammatical CALL Help EFL Writing Instruction?

    Hsien Chin-Liou

    A one-year study is reported that addresses whether and in which way grammatically computer-assisted language learning (CALL) can help English writing instruction in a Taiwanese setting. Results of... More

    pp. 23-44

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  3. The Effects of Three Feedback Forms on Learning through a Computer-Based Tutorial

    Bernadin D. Bationo

    The effects of a French tutorial with spoken feedback, written feedback, written/spoken feedback, and no feedback were examined with 56 undergraduates using a Macintosh computer. Results supported ... More

    pp. 45-52

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  4. Eliminating the Keyboard: A New Method for Exotic L2 Answer Entry, Feedback, and Revision

    George Henry

    A convenient and user-friendly method for computer-based second-language instruction (especially exotic-alphabet languages) presents a "pool" of text chunks from which the student uses a mouse to... More

    pp. 53-68

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  5. Issues in CALL Implementation and Its Implications on Teacher Training

    Nuraihan Mat Daud

    Problems that language teachers face in conducting English classes using computers are discussed. Based on case studies carried out in Malaysia, suggestions are offered on matters to include in... More

    pp. 69-78

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