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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

January 2017 Volume 61, Number 1

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Number of articles: 20

  1. Leveraging the community context of Family Math and Science Nights to develop culturally responsive teaching practices

    SueAnn I. Bottoms, Kathryn Ciechanowski, Katrina Jones, Jenny de la Hoz & Ana Lu Fonseca

    This paper examines how elementary teacher candidates experience Family Math and Science Nights with culturally and linguistically diverse children and families. Weekly reflections were analyzed... More

    pp. 1-15

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  2. How teachers become teacher researchers: Narrative as a tool for teacher identity construction

    Laura A. Taylor

    While scholarship on teacher research suggests the value of this work for teaching and learning, there are challenges in sustaining it beyond teacher education, in part because teachers may not... More

    pp. 16-25

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  3. Making transparent the challenges of developing a practice-based pedagogy of teacher education

    Megan Madigan Peercy, University of Maryland, United States; Francis John Troyan, The Ohio State University, United States

    Much of the recent scholarship in teacher education relays the importance of preparing teachers to enact practice. However, scholars working in the fields of self-study and core practices have... More

    pp. 26-36

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  4. Four profiles of inclusive supportive teachers: Perceptions of their status and role in implementing inclusion of students with special needs in general classrooms

    Bella Gavish

    The research examines the perceptions of inclusive support teachers (IST) in Israel regarding their status and the role they play in implementing inclusion of children with disabilities. Four... More

    pp. 37-46

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  5. Teacher communities as a context for professional development: A systematic review

    Katrien Vangrieken, Chloé Meredith, Tlalit Packer & Eva Kyndt

    Teacher communities play a central role in teachers' professional development. This study provides a systematic review of empirical research on teacher communities (TCs). Based upon predefined... More

    pp. 47-59

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  6. Self-directed online learning: A theoretical model for understanding elementary teachers' online learning experiences

    Pamela Beach

    This study involves an in-depth investigation into elementary teachers' self-directed learning in an online environment. A methodology combining a retrospective think aloud with screen recording... More

    pp. 60-72

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  7. Teachers use of fear appeals prior to a high-stakes examination: Is frequency linked to perceived student engagement and how do students respond?

    David W. Putwain, School of Education, United Kingdom; Ghada Nakhla, Anthony Liversidge, Laura J. Nicholson, Benjamin Porter & Monika Reece, Faculty of Education, United Kingdom

    Prior to high-stakes examinations teachers use messages that focus on the importance of avoiding failure (fear appeals). This study examined whether teacher use of fear appeals was related to their... More

    pp. 73-83

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  8. Agency, shame, and identity: Digital stories of teaching

    Jane A. Van Galen

    In the digital stories that teachers author, I explore the social class positioning of teachers in low-income schools in the U.S. and the tensions between professional agency and shame in emerging ... More

    pp. 84-93

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  9. Lived experience and the ideologies of preservice social studies teachers

    Elizabeth Anne Kenyon

    Using narrative inquiry, this paper explores the lived experiences of six preservice social studies teachers. It uses these lived experiences to gain insight into these preservice teachers'... More

    pp. 94-103

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  10. Listening to many voices: Enacting social justice literacy curriculum

    Thea Williamson

    This study seeks to understand what struggles an equity-minded English teacher encountered while enacting social justice curriculum and pedagogy. Data indicated the primary factors that influenced ... More

    pp. 104-114

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  11. Chinese inclusive education teachers' agency within temporal-relational contexts

    Yan Wang, Beijing Normal University, China; Guanglun Michael Mu, Queensland University of Technology, Australia; Lili Zhang, Beijing Normal University, China

    Teacher agency is a well debated concept in the literature, whereas little is known about the agency work of inclusive education teachers. This study quantitatively investigates the relationship... More

    pp. 115-123

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  12. Heritage education in the Primary School Standard Curriculum of Malaysia

    Rabeeh Barghi, School of Educational Studies, Malaysia; Zuraini Zakaria, School of Distance Education, Malaysia; Aswati Hamzah & Nor Hashimah Hashim, School of Educational Studies, Malaysia

    Due to the importance of education for sustainable heritage preservation, it is imperative to pay attention to how heritage is taught in the education system. As a multicultural country with a rich... More

    pp. 124-131

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  13. The impact of mindfulness on the wellbeing and performance of educators: A systematic review of the empirical literature

    Tim Lomas, School of Psychology, United Kingdom; Juan Carlos Medina, Faculty of Psychology, Spain; Itai Ivtzan, School of Psychology, United Kingdom; Silke Rupprecht, Leuphana University, Germany; Francisco José Eiroa-Orosa, School of Psychology, United Kingdom

    Given the potentially demanding nature of teaching, efforts are underway to develop practices that can improve the wellbeing of educators, including interventions based on mindfulness meditation.... More

    pp. 132-141

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  14. Exploring student teachers' motivation change in initial teacher education: A Chinese perspective

    Rui Yuan, Department of English Language Education, Hong Kong; Lawrence Jun Zhang, Faculty of Education and Social Work, New Zealand

    Informed by a multiple, integrated perspective on teacher motivations, this study explores ten student teachers' motivation change throughout a pre-service language teacher education program in... More

    pp. 142-152

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  15. Student teachers' experiences of participating in mixed peer mentoring groups of in-service and pre-service teachers in Finland

    Hanna Korhonen & Hannu L.T. Heikkinen, Finnish Institute for Educational Research, Finland; Ulla Kiviniemi, Department of Teacher Education, Finland; Päivi Tynjälä, Finnish Institute for Educational Research, Finland

    This article examines from the student perspective a new Finnish model of teacher development that uses the peer group mentoring (PGM) method for combining pre-service and in-service teacher... More

    pp. 153-163

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  16. Effective inclusive teacher education for special educational needs and disabilities: Some more thoughts on the way forward

    Deborah Robinson

    This study sought to identify the principles and practices underpinning effective inclusive teacher education for special educational needs (SEN) in ordinary schools through an inclusive action... More

    pp. 164-178

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  17. An entrepreneurial adventure? Young women pre-service teachers in remote Aboriginal Australia

    Claire Charles

    Following global interest in how pre-service teacher education might engage with social justice imperatives, this paper reports on interviews with three non-Aboriginal young women pre-service... More

    pp. 179-188

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  18. Exploring the influence of professional development on teacher careers: A path model approach

    Mike Coldwell

    This paper develops a path model of professional development (PD) to explore the relationship between teacher PD and teacher careers and retention. A focussed literature review frames the study,... More

    pp. 189-198

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  19. Exploring the role of identity in elementary preservice teachers who plan to specialize in science teaching

    Meredith W. Kier, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, United States; Tammy D. Lee, Department of Mathematics, Science, and Instructional Technology Education (MSITE), United States

    Reforms in science education emphasize learning outcomes of elementary students; it is important to prepare elementary teachers to teach reformed-based science. This study interviews twenty... More

    pp. 199-210

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  20. Teacher learning in the context of Lesson Study: A video-based analysis of teacher discussions

    Maria Vrikki, Paul Warwick, Jan D. Vermunt & Neil Mercer, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom; Nicolette Van Halem, University of Utrecht

    This paper contributes to our understanding of teacher learning in the context of Lesson Study (LS), a model of professional development that involves collaborative lesson planning and evaluation. ... More

    pp. 211-224

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