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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

July 2014 Volume 41, Number 1

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Number of articles: 10

  1. Achieving symbiosis: Working through challenges found in co-teaching to achieve effective co-teaching relationships

    Sharon Pratt

    This grounded theory study explored how secondary school co-teachers in an urban Eastern Iowa school district resolved challenges to co-teaching relationships. Five partnerships (N = 10)... More

    pp. 1-12

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  2. Subdued by the system: Neoliberalism and the beginning teacher

    Jason Loh & Guangwei Hu, National Institute of Education, Singapore

    This article reports a study that examined, through the lens of narrative inquiry, the lived experience of a beginning teacher during her first two years in a neoliberal school system. Situated in ... More

    pp. 13-21

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  3. Using generic and content-specific teaching practices in teacher evaluation: An exploratory study of teachers' perceptions

    Charalambos Y. Charalambous, Andreas Komitis, Maria Papacharalambous & Afroditi Stefanou

    Generic and content-specific teaching practices have largely been employed in parallel in teacher evaluation and classroom observation systems. Giving voice to teachers, we examine whether both... More

    pp. 22-33

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  4. The roles and development needs of teachers to promote creativity: A systematic review of literature

    Dan Davies, University of Bath Spa, United Kingdom; Divya Jindal-Snape, University of Dundee, United Kingdom; Rebecca Digby, Alan Howe, Christopher Collier & Penny Hay, University of Bath Spa, United Kingdom

    A systematic review of 210 educational research, policy and professional literature between 2005–2011 identified only 17 publications that met the inclusion criteria and contained findings relating... More

    pp. 34-41

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  5. Using video to promote early childhood teachers' thinking and reflection

    Sue Cherrington & Judith Loveridge

    This article examines findings from a qualitative study employing group stimulated-recall interviews using video-recordings of early childhood teachers to elicit their thinking and reflections... More

    pp. 42-51

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  6. Some reflections on the links between teacher education and peace education: Interrogating the ontology of normative epistemological premises

    Zvi Bekerman, School of Education, Israel; Michalinos Zembylas, Open University Cyprus, Cyprus

    This paper provides a critique of the essentialized assumptions about identity, culture and education that are found in contemporary peace education literature and explores the implications that... More

    pp. 52-59

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  7. Pre-service teachers' sense of efficacy: Relationship to academic ability, student teaching placement characteristics, and mentor support

    Louise R. Moulding & Penée W. Stewart, Weber State University, United States; Megan L. Dunmeyer, Quest Academy, United States

    Teacher education programs are under pressure to raise standards for admission and increase the quality of field placements. Teachers' sense of efficacy, as measured by the Teachers' Sense of... More

    pp. 60-66

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  8. Understanding teacher empowerment: Teachers' perceptions of principal's and immediate supervisor's empowering behaviours, psychological empowerment and work-related outcomes

    Ai Noi Lee & Youyan Nie

    This study examined the predictive relationships among teachers' perceptions of principal's and immediate supervisor's empowering behaviours, teachers' psychological empowerment and three teachers'... More

    pp. 67-79

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  9. Teaching motivations in Hong Kong: Who will choose teaching as a fallback career in a stringent job market?

    Angel K.Y. Wong, Department of Psychological Studies; Sylvia Y.F. Tang, Department of Education Policy and Leadership; May M.H. Cheng, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

    This study investigated whether teaching motivations and their outcomes in Hong Kong with a teacher surplus are similar to countries with teacher shortage. Results from 132 pre-service teachers... More

    pp. 81-91

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  10. Student teachers' team teaching: Models, effects, and conditions for implementation

    Marlies Baeten & Mathea Simons, Institute of Education and Information Sciences, Belgium

    In an attempt to provide alternative models of field experience in teacher education, this study elaborates the concept of team teaching. A literature review was conducted, which resulted into a... More

    pp. 92-110

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