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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

May 2014 Volume 40, Number 1

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Number of articles: 10

  1. Teacher practice in secondary vocational education: Between teacher-regulated activities of student learning and student self-regulation

    J.A. van Beek & F.P.C.M. de Jong, Stoas Wageningen Vilentum University of Applied Sciences and Teacher Education; A.E.M.G. Minnaert, University of Groningen; Th. Wubbels, Utrecht University

    The interplay between teacher regulation and student self-regulation of learning is an important topic in contemporary theories of teaching and learning. This study used mixed methods, including a ... More

    pp. 1-9

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  2. Consensus and dissensus in mentor teachers' judgments of readiness to teach

    Mavis Haigh & Fiona Ell

    Deciding whether a teacher candidate is ready to teach is a significant judgment about which little is known. In this study, Social Judgment Theory's lens model is used to analyse grade decisions... More

    pp. 10-21

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  3. Teacher–student contact: Exploring a basic but complicated concept

    Fred A.J. Korthagen, Utrecht University; Saskia Attema-Noordewier, VU University; Rosanne C. Zwart, Utrecht University

    Contact is fundamental to teacher–student relationships, but empirical studies or theoretical frameworks on teacher–student contact are rare. This article describes a theoretical and empirical... More

    pp. 22-32

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  4. Academic work and proletarianisation: A study of higher education-based teacher educators

    Viv Ellis, Department of Education, United Kingdom; Jane McNicholl, University of Oxford, United Kingdom; Allan Blake & Jim McNally, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom

    This article reports on a one year, mixed methods study of 13 teacher educators at work in English and Scottish higher education institutions. Framed by cultural–historical activity theory, itself ... More

    pp. 33-43

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  5. Teacher beliefs about listening in a foreign language

    Suzanne Graham, Denise Santos & Ellie Francis-Brophy

    This study investigated, through a questionnaire, the stated beliefs and stated practices of 115 foreign language teachers in England regarding listening pedagogy: whether such beliefs and... More

    pp. 44-60

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  6. Australian and Maltese teachers' perspectives about their capabilities for mental health promotion in school settings

    Helen Askell-Williams, Flinders Educational Futures Research Institute, Australia; Carmel Cefai, EuroCentre for Educational Resilience and Socio-Emotional Health, Malta

    Policy makers identify schools as settings for promoting students' positive mental health. However, mental health promotion is not typically addressed in pre- or in-service teacher education. This ... More

    pp. 61-72

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  7. Exploring student teachers' resistance to teacher education pedagogies

    Larike H. Bronkhorst & Bob Koster, Department of Education; Paulien C. Meijer, Graduate School of Education; Nienke Woldman, Education and Competence Studies; Jan D. Vermunt, Faculty of Education, United Kingdom

    Student teachers' resistance to teacher education is often understood as a lack of quality of the student teacher and/or the internship, and is expected to impede learning. In this study we suggest... More

    pp. 73-82

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  8. Microblogging about teaching: Nurturing participatory cultures through collaborative online reflection with pre-service teachers

    Daniel G. Krutka, Texas Woman’s University, United States; Daniel J. Bergman, Wichita State University, United States; Raymond Flores, Texas Tech University, United States; Katherine Mason & Ashlie R. Jack, Wichita State University, United States

    Reflection is a cornerstone of most teacher education programs, but common practices have long been individualistic and this has become increasingly evident in an era when young people are... More

    pp. 83-93

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  9. Teacher attrition the first five years – A multifaceted image

    Per Lindqvist, Ulla Karin Nordänger & Rickard Carlsson

    Based on a longitudinal study on Swedish teachers' (N = 87) career trajectories this article presents a comparison between quantitative and qualitative data within the cohort and puts this in... More

    pp. 94-103

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  10. Teachers' perceptions and attitudes about Response to Intervention (RTI) in their schools: A qualitative analysis

    Felicia Castro-Villarreal, Billie Jo Rodriguez & Staci Moore

    As Response to Intervention (RTI) models are increasingly implemented in United States' schools, it is important to consider the perceptions of those directly involved. The current study assessed... More

    pp. 104-112

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