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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

May 2013 Volume 32, Number 1

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Number of articles: 9

  1. What about language while equitably assessing science?: Case studies of preservice teachers' evolving expertise

    Edward G. Lyon

    The three case studies, drawing on qualitative analysis of surveys, interviews, program artifacts, and classroom observation, describe secondary science preservice teachers' evolving expertise at... More

    pp. 1-11

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  2. Predicting teachers' achievement goals for teaching: The role of perceived school goal structure and teachers' sense of efficacy

    YoonJung Cho & Sungok Serena Shim

    The present study investigated contextual and personal factors associated with teachers' achievement goals for teaching. A total of 211 teachers completed an online survey. Hierarchical multiple... More

    pp. 12-21

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  3. Subjective well-being of Hong Kong Chinese teachers: The contribution of gratitude, forgiveness, and the orientations to happiness

    David W. Chan

    This study investigated whether gratitude and forgiveness contribute to subjective well-being (life satisfaction, positive affect, and negative affect) above the contribution of the three... More

    pp. 22-30

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  4. Leveraging cultural resources through teacher pedagogical reasoning: Elementary grade teachers analyze second language learners' science problem solving

    Cory A. Buxton, Alejandra Salinas, Margarette Mahotiere, Okhee Lee & Walter G. Secada

    Grounded in teacher professional development addressing the intersection of student diversity and content area instruction, this study examined school teachers' pedagogical reasoning complexity as ... More

    pp. 31-42

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  5. I think I can engage my students. Teachers' perceptions of student engagement and their beliefs about being a teacher

    Jolien M. van Uden, Henk Ritzen & Jules M. Pieters

    Student engagement is an important condition for positive outcomes at school. This study examined whether teachers' motives for being a teacher, their ratings of the relative importance of... More

    pp. 43-54

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  6. Job satisfaction and teacher–student relationships across the teaching career: Four case studies

    Ietje Veldman, Jan van Tartwijk, Mieke Brekelmans & Theo Wubbels

    We studied the development of teacher–student relationships and teachers' job satisfaction throughout the careers of four veteran teachers who retained high job satisfaction. Teacher data gathered ... More

    pp. 55-65

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  7. Educational equality or social mobility: The value conflict between preservice teachers and the Free Teacher Education Program in China

    Dan Wang & Manman Gao

    In 2007, the Chinese government piloted the Free Teacher Education (FTE) program in the top normal universities with the aim to enlist high-quality young graduates to join the teaching profession... More

    pp. 66-74

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  8. Getting personal with teacher burnout: A longitudinal study on the development of burnout using a person-based approach

    Daniel Hultell, Bo Melin & J. Petter Gustavsson

    Studies have suggested that teachers' burnout levels are stable over time. This might be because longitudinal studies on burnout have mainly used a variable-based approach. The purpose of this... More

    pp. 75-86

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  9. The impact of the type of projects on preservice teachers' conceptualization of service learning

    Demet Seban

    This paper discusses the effects of the type of project undertaken for a community practice course on preservice teachers' conceptualization of service learning. The goal of the projects is to... More

    pp. 87-97

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