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Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies

Volume 22, Number 7

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Number of articles: 17

  1. From the margins to the centre: The power of transformative learning in Australia

    Phyllida Coombes & Geoff Danaher

    Good, T. L., Bidle, B.J., and Goodson, I.F. [1997. The study of teaching: Modern and emerging conceptions. In B. J. Bidle, T .L. Good, & I. F. Goodson (Eds.), International handbook of teachers and... More

    pp. 759-765

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  2. Assigned to the margins: Teachers for minority and immigrant communities in Japan

    June A. Gordon

    As communities of immigrant families gather in the low-income neighbourhoods of Tokyo and neighbouring cities, Japanese teachers face new challenges as well as the stigma of classrooms for... More

    pp. 766-776

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  3. The teacher education curriculum and the world of work: A study of teachers of disadvantaged children in Nigeria

    Abdurrahman Umar

    A key element in the current attempt to actualise the goals of the Dakar Framework of Action for Education for All in Nigeria is the broadening of access to education for disadvantaged groups.... More

    pp. 777-787

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  4. Along the margins, across the borders: Teaching and learning among Veneto attrazionisti viaggianti in Italy

    Francesca Gobbo

    The article presents the findings of an ethnographic study carried out among Italian attrazionisti viaggianti (fairground and circus people) who lead a nomadic life and work in four Veneto... More

    pp. 788-803

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  5. The politics of domestication and curriculum as pasture in the United States

    Alberto J. Rodriguez

    In this article, I argue that the enacted curriculum in the United States of America is driven by a politics of domestication—a negative process of acculturation by which individuals are required... More

    pp. 804-811

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  6. Resilience under fire: Perspectives on the work of experienced, inner city high school teachers in the United States

    Gerald J. Brunetti

    Teachers working in inner city high schools in the United States face enormous challenges. Their students, most of whom come from economically disadvantaged minority families and often do not speak... More

    pp. 812-825

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  7. Writing the queer self: Using autobiography to mediate inclusive teacher education in Canada

    André P. Grace

    Writing the queer self involves locating the self within a broad understanding of queer that recognises a spectrum of sex, sexual and gendered subjects. In this article, I discuss how I write the... More

    pp. 826-834

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  8. ‘Minorities’, ‘margins’, ‘misfits’ and ‘mainstreams’

    Helen Currie

    pp. 835-837

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  9. Increasing the use of evidence-based strategies by special education teachers: A collaborative approach

    Albert J. Duchnowski, Krista Kutash, Susan Sheffield & Bobbie Vaughn

    This article describes a process developed to increase the use of evidence-based instructional strategies by teachers of students in special education programs in a middle school and high school.... More

    pp. 838-847

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  10. Partnering to prepare urban math and science teachers: Managing tensions

    Matthew Miller, G. Williamson McDiarmid & Sally Luttrell-Montes

    Although the need for university–school partnerships in preparing teachers is widely accepted, studies of research universities working with teacher unions and urban school districts to respond to ... More

    pp. 848-863

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  11. Trying on a new pair of shoes: Urban teacher–learners conduct research and construct knowledge in their own classrooms

    Megan Blumenreich & Beverly Falk

    This article explores how classroom-based teacher inquiry research supports teachers in constructing understandings about teaching and learning that are uniquely applicable to their own contexts in... More

    pp. 864-873

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  12. Educating for learning-focused teaching in teacher training: The need to link learning content with practice experiences within an inductive approach

    Wouter Schelfhout, Filip Dochy, Steven Janssens, Katrien Struyven, Sarah Gielen & Eline Sierens

    Recently, many insights have been gained into the design of powerful learning environments. Teacher training must take account of this knowledge when educating the teachers of the future. This... More

    pp. 874-897

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  13. Using metaphor in mathematics teacher preparation

    Andrew Noyes

    This paper reports how metaphor theory was used to explore pre-service mathematics teachers’ beliefs about mathematics and the learning and teaching thereof. Furthermore, it outlines how this... More

    pp. 898-909

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  14. The nature and substance of cooperating teacher reflection

    Anthony Clarke

    The learning opportunties for student-teachers in practicum settings has long been acknowledged and studied in considerable depth. However, the learning opportunities for cooperating teachers,... More

    pp. 910-921

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  15. Lesson study, collaboration and teacher efficacy: Stories from two school-based math lesson study groups

    Laurel D. Puchner & Ann R. Taylor

    This article describes the experiences of two US teacher groups and their lesson study work. Their stories illustrate some of the dynamics and promise of teacher change spurred by lesson study. The... More

    pp. 922-934

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  16. Differential effects of kindergarten teacher's beliefs about developmentally appropriate practice on their use of scaffolding following inservice training

    Yeung Suk Lee, Jeesook Baik & Rosalind Charlesworth

    The study was designed to compare the scaffolding skills of Korean teachers identified as developmentally appropriate practice (DAP) or inappropriate practice (DIP) in their beliefs before and... More

    pp. 935-945

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  17. The beliefs and perceptions of pre-service teachers enrolled in a subject-area dominant teacher education program about “Effective Education”

    S. Aslı Özgün-Koca & Ahmet İlhan Şen

    Teacher educators and researchers have studied the improvement of teacher education programs so that pre-service teachers may be well prepared. Research has shown that not only teachers’ knowledge ... More

    pp. 946-960

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