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International Journal of Educational Development

Volume 28, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Competency disparity between pre-service teacher education and in-service teaching requirements in Taiwan

    Jon-Chao Hong, Jeou-Shyan Horng, Chan-Li Lin & Lih-Juan ChanLin

    The purpose of this study is to explore whether pre-service teacher education in Taiwan equips in-service teachers with the necessary knowledge and competency to meet the demands of the... More

    pp. 4-20

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  2. South African teachers’ ability to argue: The emergence of inclusive argumentation

    Zena Scholtz, Martin Braund, Merle Hodges, Robert Koopman & Fred Lubben

    This paper explores the argumentation ability of ten science teachers in two South African schools on opposite ends of the resource spectrum. Toulmin's model is used to analyse individual... More

    pp. 21-34

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  3. The role and status of non-governmental (‘ daike’) teachers in China's rural education

    Bernadette Robinson & Wenwu Yi

    A key ingredient for countries striving to achieve Education For All is the availability of trained qualified teachers with favourable working conditions. The goal is an elusive one, even for some ... More

    pp. 35-54

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  4. Pedagogical renewal: Improving the quality of classroom interaction in Nigerian primary schools

    Frank Hardman, Jan Abd-Kadir & Fay Smith

    This study reports on an investigation of classroom interaction and discourse practices in Nigerian primary schools. Its purpose was to identify key issues affecting patterns of teacher–pupil... More

    pp. 55-69

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  5. Restructuring reforms in Turkish teacher education: Modernisation and development in a dynamic environment

    Gary M. Grossman & Margaret K. Sands

    The paper examines the effectiveness of recent reforms in teacher education in Turkey, specifically the restructuring of programmes in university faculties of education. It first, briefly, sets the... More

    pp. 70-80

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  6. Teacher autonomy and centralised control: The case of textbooks

    Muhannad Mustafa & Cedric Cullingford

    This paper analyses teachers’ attitudes towards the use of textbooks as a means of understanding what happens in a heavily centralised education system. Whilst the research is based on a particular... More

    pp. 81-88

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  7. Problems on primary school-based in-service training in Vietnam: A case study of Bac Giang province

    Eisuke Saito, Atsushi Tsukui & Yoshitaka Tanaka

    In Vietnam, despite the introduction of a new curriculum based on a child-centred education approach, there exist many problems and challenges in the educational process. To overcome these problems... More

    pp. 89-103

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