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International Journal of Educational Development

Volume 25, Number 6

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Number of articles: 5

  1. The “complex reality” of research capacity development in mathematics education in Southern African development community countries

    Cyril Julie, Oyvind Mikalsen & Jan Persens

    This paper explores how an aid-funded Ph.D.-programme in mathematics education instituted in some Southern African Development Community countries measures up to issues related to research capacity... More

    pp. 591-601

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  2. Teachers’ strategies of teaching primary school mathematics in a second language: A case of Botswana

    Dan Kasule & Dumma Mapolelo

    This paper reports the results of a study of primary school mathematics teaching in northern Botswana in order to highlight the strategies teachers use in bi/multilingual classrooms. Questionnaire ... More

    pp. 602-617

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  3. Teachers’ career ladder policy in Ethiopia: an opportunity for professional growth or “a stick disguised as a carrot?”

    Abebayehu A. Tekleselassie

    In response to the ever-declining status of the teaching profession, and its adverse effects on the country's educational system, the Federal Ministry of Education in Ethiopia introduced a policy... More

    pp. 618-636

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  4. Cascading training down into the classroom: The need for parallel planning

    Martin Wedell

    Cascade models of in-service training are widely considered to be a cost effective means of introducing educational change to large numbers of teachers. Data from 511 teachers completing a cascade ... More

    pp. 637-651

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  5. Subjective and objective measures of literacy: Implications for current results-oriented development initiatives

    Julie Schaffner

    Data from Demographic and Health Surveys conducted in Ethiopia and Nicaragua shed light on two practical questions that arise when turning “Education for All” goals of high literacy and universal... More

    pp. 652-657

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