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International Journal of Educational Development

Volume 21, Number 1

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Intention or in tension? Recent education reforms in South Africa

    J.D. Gilmour

    The major restructuring of the entire education system in South Africa has produced considerable policy tensions and contradictions. In the light of recent legislation, this paper examines the... More

    pp. 5-20

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  2. The need for attention to the issue of rural education

    Peter Kallaway

    This paper argues that strategies for vocational education in Africa, with particular regard to rural communities, which were highlighted as a key aspect of development strategies in the '60s and '... More

    pp. 21-32

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  3. Teacher responses to rationalisation: transformation and adaptation in the Western Cape, South Africa

    Crain Soudien

    This paper seeks to understand the impact of the restructuring of the teaching corps in schools in the former House of Representatives educational system in the Western Cape Province of South... More

    pp. 33-43

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  4. From teachers to educators: homogenising tendencies in contemporary South African educational reforms

    Nazir Carrim

    This paper argues that the sociological literature concerning teachers' identities and their social locations have tended to concentrate primarily on only two aspects of teachers: teachers as... More

    pp. 45-52

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  5. Curriculum reform and teaching in South Africa: making a `paradigm shift'?

    Mary Goretti Nakabugo & Rob Siebörger

    South Africa's post-Apartheid Grades 1–9 curriculum, Curriculum 2005, has been introduced with many good intentions and an abundance of perceived educationally correct rhetoric. It requires that... More

    pp. 53-60

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  6. Quality and indicators of quality in South African education: a critical appraisal

    Shireen Motala

    A major priority for the post-apartheid government in South Africa is the provision of a universal quality education. This article examines quality in the context of education reform, attempts to... More

    pp. 61-78

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